Thursday, December 6, 2007

SUU ROTC Winter Formal 07

These are pictures of us in front of a big tree in the Hunter Conference Center before the ROTC formal. I am sure we will be glad that we had these pictures taken years from now. What a nice evening.
I decided to have a friend take our pictures before the formal. I thought she did a great job. Years from now I am sure I will be begging for Mike to dress up and go to a formal with me so I better enjoy it while it lasts and while we look young enough to want any pictures.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Here is us at the finish line. Both AJ and Todd weren't able to run with us. They always seem to be busy or are out of town.
What a hunk!!! He is just way too fast.

Here are some photos of the SUU ROTC 5K Run for April 2007. I feel like I did a lot better on that run but I didn't place at all. This year(08) I placed 2nd place in my age group so I guess either the competition was easier in 2008 or something, because I was in better shape last year.