Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pictures to never Forget.....

Here is a different picture of the other cadre or instructors that Mike works with at SUU.

I really like this picture. I think Mike must be having way too much fun, look at the smile.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring 08 ROTC Dining Out

Every semester at SUU there is a formal dining out or military ball that the cadets in ROTC
are required to attend to help them to know how to act in certain political functions and to know how their uniform should look in public. It is a nice evening that all the instructors and cadets can bring their wives or dates to. It is fun to dress up and have a special evening to look forward to.
The military dining out in the spring is also a chance to give cadets awards that they have received. Their is also a nice dinner that is catered with a speaker. This year was fun because the cadre(which is the instructors including Mike) made up skits that teased the cadets about different things that they might have done during the semester. The instructors acted out the cadets and made skits about stupid things that the cadets had done. It was hilarious. Usually, it is the other way around, usually the cadets have something to humiliate the instructors about. This is was a nice and fun change.
I always love getting pictures at these occasions because my sweetheart(Mike) looks so awesome all dressed up. I hope you think so.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Todd thought it was the best day ever. He actually was able to barely beat his dad's time on the 5 K Run. Yeah, we wish AJ could have been able to participate with us.
I bet you can't believe the big SMILE. Yes, Mike loves his job. I guess a plus is it is always nice to work with people that you like.

I guess it is worth it if I get a kiss from you at the finish line.
It's nice to know you still love me even if I am SLOW.

Mike and Todd at the finish line wondering if the rest of us are going to ever finish.

I'm TIRED!!!!!

Here we go another SUU ROTC 5 K Run. This is an annual occurence with ROTC and with Mike teaching ROTC it has become a family tradition. I don't know if we are getting any better or in more shape but it is fun to do as a family.