Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Hope they Call Me on a Mission!!!

I just love this picture of my Todd and Angela. They are so cute and have grown up so fast. Todd is showing me in this picture that he has pretzels in his mouth. He has always been my pretzel boy. There has to be pretzels in my house always.

In May, Todd received his mission call. I have never seen a missionary as excited as he is and was on that day. He is going to be serving in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. I still can't believe that he will be leaving. He reports to the Missionary Training Center the first part of October. I hope we can keep him excited that long, but so far he has been keeping busy.

This has always been a big part of Todd's life to prepare for a mission and serve. I think it has become an even bigger part after seeing his older brother, as he has been serving and is serving in Ohio. It will be hard for these two brothers to not see each for four years. They just love each other and are very close. What a great blessing to have two boys that have wanted to give two years of their lives up to the Lord to serve and help others to come unto him. Todd will be a great missionary. He loves people, and truly cares about them. He also loves his Heavenly Father and family and that helps him to realize what is of most importance.

It will be hard to send Todd but it will be great two months later to get one of my missionaries home. What a crazy but wonderful time!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I know I have promised to get better at this, but I just want you to know that I LOVE my life and it has been crazy, with new mission calls, baptisms from the other missionary and also going to Hawaii with my family and my mom, one of my deepest dreams. It has all been so rewarding. I want to share some of my soul with you and those things that I have felt lately. I hope to share SOON. (Maybe after cleaning up our flooded basement)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I know that I need to do so much to my blog, like add pictures, add background etc. I know that I have definitely neglected this part of my life. I can't believe that life has been that crazy for me. The last year has definitely been full of a lot of craziness.
I have been subbing a lot in schools, I just finished a long term sub in fourth grade and just loved it. My family and I am getting ready to go to Hawaii for ten days. I am so excited. I have been made the Primary President in my ward in my church( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints) My son, Todd is turning in his missionary papers in this week and is so excited. AJ has been out on his mission for almost 16 months. He is doing great. Mike has retired and is working as human resources for the same place he was working. My kids are so awesome and I just love to spend time with them. The are getting so big that you wouldn't recognize them. I hope to update and put pictures on soon, but for now thanks to all who truly care and are my friends and my support.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have been so bad this year about blogging. It has been an extremely hard year for me. I have had some hard trials, but I am finally to the point where I can say things are good. I am so glad to be alive. I have the greatest family a girl could have. My kids are extremely great!!! AJ( Elder Glad) has almost been gone a full year, but it has seemed longer than that. Todd is doing great. He is going to college and working at Pizza factory. Karrilyn is also going to college and helping out every chance she can. Angela is actually going on her first date this weekend. My kids teach me something each and every day. We have so much fun together.

Even though this year has been real tough for me, I have learned so much from it all and I am a better person. Todd just received his Eagle Award and I need to blog about it. I know. We have some great pictures about it. I also got a new kitchen and just love it. I have my braces still and can't wait until they come off, if that will ever happen. This year we went to Disney World again and it was so fun, just like a fairy tale. Mike is in the middle of many transitions in his life and we don't know what will happen at this time, but we are along for some bumpy roads.

I was just released from my two callings and called to be the Primary President of our ward. I was thrilled. I love Primary and especially the kids. I hope I can make a difference in their lives. I have the best counselors and secretary and I already just love them to pieces. This calling came at a time when I really needed it. I am so thankful. I have been subbing in many schools and I still just really enjoy it. The kids are SO fun and I just love it when they run up to me in the hall and give me a big hug. Yes it is worth it. More than anything I have learned to live each day to the fullest. I have tried to do this. I love my kids and wonderful husband so much. It is so nice to know that I can be with my family for eternity. We are a team and together we can make it back to heaven.

We all have missed our Elder Glad but he is doing SO good that I just want to scream from the housetops. Thank you thank you, for watching over my Elder. I love him so much and long for the day to get my BEAR hug from my AJ Bear. I sure love being a mom, I can't imagine my life without my kids and my hubby that is my biggest chearleader. He has been beside me this whole year as I have dealt with LIFE.

I am so thankful for who I am and how I have come to be ME.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My TODDEROO, it is your day!

I am so excited, my family gave me a copier/scanner/printer for my birthday and it is great because I can actually post pictures of my older kids. Yeah!!!

Today is my son, Todd's 18th birthday. I can't believe it. Todd is so awesome. This picture is one of my favorite pictures of him. Isn't he adorable???

This is one of his baby pictures. He was such a delight as a baby and still is.

Here is a picture of Todd last year. He has grown up so much. Todd can do anything. I remember when he was in sixth grade and they presented him with the Hope of America award, I was so proud I could just burst. Todd, is great because he treats everyone the same. He believes in being nice to everyone.
I would never believe it now but when Todd was in first grade, he would cry because he didn't want to go to school. Now he has just graduated from high school and he already has his Associates at the college and is going on as a Junior. He just got his first job and is working at Pizza factory. Todd is one of my best friends. I remember when he was a baby thinking he was so beautiful that he must be a girl, because he was such a beautiful baby.
I am SO thankful that I am lucky to be his mom. As Todd always says," Mom, I know I made a good choice in my best friend." I love you Todd, I just wish you weren't so grown up so fast. Have a super day, you deserve it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Wish

This year has been quite the adventure. SO many things going on and I am not being very good to write or update any of it. I must say part of that is because it has been a year of hard trials for me, but I won't go into that because it really doesn't matter.

I finally graduated, Todd graduated from high school, my baby got her driver's license. My husband just bought his first real fun toy for him since we have been married, a Spyder motorcycle. I had braces put on my teeth. We just got a new kitchen a couple of months ago and we got to go on one of the funnest vacations of all. We went to Disney World for ten days. It was so fun.

Among all of the main events that have happened in our lives, it has been a hard year. I have struggled with so many things. Some of them very personal and other ones just stupid. It has been hard on me to see all of my kids grow up. I will be sad when they all move away. They are my life, what I have worked for my entire life and my love. Along with this trial, there have been many others along the way but I won't even start into them. I have learned a lot from all of these. I have learned to trust in my Heavenly Father and that things aren't going to be easy at all but that he is there to help me along the way. I have learned how important real friends and close family is and that we are here for a reason. I have learned how hard it is to see your kids struggle with life and their many trials that they have to be put through.

I love my life, but I have learned that this year has been a testing time for me and I am sure it is not over. Can I meet up or do I give in? I know my answer. I hope you have gained new ambition in your life and in your trials, because I have also learned that everyone have trials and they may look harder or easier than our own but they are just as hard to that person.

I have also learned how much I cherish the perfect day!!! and how in a small way the imperfect day are important too but just not cherished as nearly as much.

I also feel like I am in this body that doesn't feel this old but is starting to look this old and how did I get to this point, because I still feel like I should be 25 or 28. I am so excited for all I have learned and for each new day and for the time I have to spend with those I love.

I know this has been a big blog of rambling, but this blog is for me to be as a journal and sometimes you have to figure no one really cares but these are things that I need to write. Thanks to all of you who do REALLY care, it means a lot.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I bet you can't top that ONE!!!

In May, my Todd graduated from Cedar High School. I just can't believe it. If you don't know Todd, you should because he is amazing!!! Todd has worked so hard in school. He graduated with an Associates at Southern Utah University before he graduated from high school. He graduated with a 3.9 GPA. He was also the computer Sterling Scholar for Cedar High. Todd was in the Honors Society for all years and also went to Success Academy every day for four years. Todd was also on the Cross Country Team and he was involved in seminary. Yes, and he is a great son and friend. We were so proud of him. His graduation was another special day for us this year.

Can you see all of the stuff he has hanging on him. I know that is because of his hard work.
Todd with his two sisters. They just adore him.

THis is a picture of Todd with his Grandma and Grandpa Covington who were able to come down for his graduation. We felt so happy they were able to make it and help us celebrate Todd.

Have you ever given a gift and hoped that the person would love it. Well, we gave Todd Leatherby's ice cream with Leatherby's carmel for his birthday and you can't get it here in Cedar city so we had to have it delivered by my parents. Todd has been saying all I want is Leatherby's ice cream but all the time just kidding.
Well you can tell how thrilled he was to get ice cream. I think it was worth the effort.

Here is another reaction to Leatherby's ice cream and carmel. Todd we love you and you made it all worth it. You are so awesome and will really make a big difference in this world.