Friday, October 30, 2009

Do you have a green spoon??

I know it has been forever since I have posted and I really don't have any excuse except that I am in the middle of student teaching and my son is getting ready to go on an LDS mission among Thanksgiving going to be here, graduating from school and many other things. I am truly sorry and I have missed all of my blogging friends and family.

How many of you have a green spoon??? This story will be a story that is handed down in our family from generation to generation I am sure of it. Ever since I can remember, my husband and I have had a green tablespoon to measure ingredients with. Through the years when he was baking or helping me make something I would just tell him I need one of the green spoon because it was just easier that way. We didn't ever call it a tablespoon, or at least he didn't.

Well, something awful happened about a month ago. Our green spoon was eaten up in the garbage disposal. I thought my husband was going to want a funeral for it. He actually has put it in a drawer in my curio cabinet for safe keeping even though it can not be used any more because it is so beat up. Now when we are making something and I have to tell him a tablespoon he says " Is that the green spoon?" " I guess we can't make it because we don't have a green spoon. This is still continuing to go on, it has been quite a joke in our family.

So, if you see a green tablespoon any where, let me know I would love to get another one just for him. Do you have any stories that have become legends in your family??? I would love to hear.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Already October

Yes, I know it is already October and I can't believe it. That means I am almost half way through with student teaching. Halloween is around the corner, with the holidays right after that. It is also General Conference weekend, which I can't believe but has been such a blessing to me in my life this year, already and it is just the first day.

I felt like General Conference was incredibly great, which I always say it is but there was so much that I needed to hear and my family also. I felt like there was a lot of focus on love and don't we all need to be a little more loving and tolerable to everyone that we are around in our every day. I can't wait for tomorrow.

I just love this time of the year. Fall, I don't know what it is but it is great and I just enjoy. This year, however has been quite different with me doing student teaching every day until 4 and Mike being at home. Our life has been turned upside down and we are still wondering what side is up. This Wednesday I will be shifting to fourth grade and I am excited but I will definitely miss all of my little kids in first grade. What will they do without me??? I know they will be fine but will I. It is so unbelievable to me that I really will be graduated by Thanksgiving. I haven't experienced being gone so much for years. I have been able to stay at home and take care of the kids so now I am experiencing not wanting to go anywhere on the weekend. I just want to stay home. This isn't always easy because I do have other obligations and commitments. I just need to get over it and get used to it.

Thanksgiving, I can't believe it is really in sight. We are actually going to be having Thanksgiving at our house this year. That makes for a little more preparation with family coming down to stay and having it with us.

I know this has been a lot of rambling on and on but there is so much going on in our home at this time. My kids are so busy and have so much going on in their own lives. I will definitely have to blog about them soon.