Monday, September 28, 2009

Nothing to Describe

There is nothing that can quite describe the feelings of joy when your children make great choices and turn out to be good people.

Last night was one of those memorable moments for me. I guess you could call it payback. It seems like just yesterday I was brought this very darling baby boy with beautiful red hair and I immediately fell in love with him and I just can't believe that he is as old as he is. Last night he was ordained to be an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints by his father. I just can't express the great joy that was in my heart. What a night and what a great spiritual experience for all that were there. All of our kids were there, our bishop, the single's ward bishop, a member of the bishopric and Mike's parents. I have been waiting for this day for a long time and it was wonderful. AJ you are great and you will make a great missionary.

Friday, September 11, 2009

This day will always be great for me

Today, to a lot of people is a reminder of the tragedy that happened eight years ago and for me it is a reminder of that too but the thing I remember the most about this day is that MANY years ago I was married to my sweetheart.

That day becomes more and more vague, but I can't help but always to remember how great I felt that morning when I was seated across the altar in the SLC temple from my soon to be husband. There is nothing to compare with that great joy and peace. Mike complains that I was a little late that morning and yes I was but nothing like throwing in a little stress on a marriage day just to make sure you can handle anything.

My wedding was a beautiful September day. I remember having all of the people that I love the most there to help me celebrate my day. Little did I know that there were four more important people in the heavens that were partying and celebrating that we were getting married.
We had an outside wedding reception and I have to say it was perfect. Mike had to wear a pink shirt with his white tux and at first I didn't like the idea but I love it now.

Our honeymoon was wonderful too. We headed to Jackson Hole, Lava Hot Springs and Yellowstone, which is one of my favorite places in the world. There is nothing quite like getting the last room in the park and then to find out it was a room with two single beds with the bathroom down the hall and all on your honeymoon. I remember going out to watch Old Faithful at midnight with Mike and thinking how romantic it was.

Oh and YES, YES, YES, I would do it again and again. We have been through so much together and things aren't always a bliss but they are DEFINITELY worth the ride. I love every minute that I spend with him and I can say that I am still in love. I came home yesterday from school and he had bought me roses for my anniversary. They are beautiful. I just wish I knew something great that I could give him.

I bet now every year when you see all of the flags out for 9-11 you will also remember the great celebration of our anniversary on that day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No Job, What Do We Do Now

Well, it has been real crazy around our house as I have noted in prior posts, but the craziest part is the adjustment we have all made to our new maid, stay at home dad. Mike has retired from the military and is on leave until January when he will actually be fully retired so until then we have an income coming in and we have Mike at home.
It is quite interesting for me to come home from school and the house is completely cleaned, he has fixed dinner and he also does the laundry. My kids are feeling real spoiled. He has been taking them to school and also fixing their lunches and I think their lunches are a lot better than they used to be.
I never thought that Mike would be without a job and be at home while I was gone. It is just crazy but definitely very nice to come home to a clean house and dinner fixed. One thing he doesn't do is the SHOPPING. I sure wish he would but I guess I can't ask for everything. I am so thankful for a great maid, sweetheart and he does it all for FREE.

I will have to post a picture of the new Mike. You won't recognize him.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Why do they do that???

Each day as I look around at my wonderful, beautiful children, they continue to keep growing up. This is hard for me, because I love my babies. I think I will be baby hungry for the rest of my life.

Don't get me wrong, I adore my kids. They truly are the best, and I just love who they have become. They are so fun and we have so much fun together. What will I ever do when they move away??? I remember the day, which was yesterday, or so it seems when I had four under the age of six. Life was so crazy and hectic and today it is not any less hectic but life is SO different. It is wonderful to be able to go places with my husband and not have a babysitter or have to take them with me everywhere that I go, but I miss it too.

Karrilyn is dating someone, ok talking to someone but long distance and it has been going on for over a month. He lives in California so it is easy to not get into too much trouble when you live away from each other. I don't think I remember ever seeing her SO HAPPY. Thanks John, you are the best. Karrilyn is so wonderful and very much deserves the very best. She is also going to college and working. Yuck.

AJ is also going to college and working at Smith's. He is very busy because he has become so social since he started college that he is always heading to some dance or game. He just loves people and especially girls, girls, girls. He knows a girl everywhere that we go. AJ is my big bear and always has been. He is SO adorable and loving.

Todd is my charming, wonderful seventeen year old. He is awesome in every way. He and I disagree about his hair, but I guess if that is my worst battle I will just need to keep my mouth shut. Todd is a senior in high school and taking mostly college classes. He is very social. He has a group of great kids that he hangs around and he is also on the Cross Country team. He also plays the piano and is very talented with it. Todd is awesome.

Angela is such a ham. She is so loving and so cheerful. She makes everyone laugh, most of the time. She is my baby and I don't want to tell you how old she is because in my book she is still my eight year old. She is also taking some intense classes and plays the flute, and piano and is on the Cross Country team. She makes us all laugh and we have so much fun together. She is pretty much a lot of fun for an eight year old.( just kidding) Ang you ROCK...

You see, in my eyes they will or should never grow up but they will and I just hope that I can handle it. I love my kids. They are my WORLD!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Never Knew

This week has been hard but it is definitely better than last. The hard thing about this week is that I have a funeral to go to on Thursday. You probably are wondering who is it for??? I would have to say it is for one of my favorite people in the world. My husband's Uncle Roy passed away on Saturday morning. Why should I care??? I care because from the very second that I met him he has always treated me like a queen and as if I walk on water or something. I just can't explain it.

Mike and I, when we were just starting out with Karrilyn and AJ lived in Draper in a tiny little house behind Uncle Roy's and Aunt Mary's house. They rented it to us for $105 a month. It was small but what do you need when you are such a small family. I remember we had only a shower, no tub and the kids bedroom was also the laundry room. Oh well it was great for us.

Back then, I used to get up every morning and take my little kids to another person's house and babysit to make money so I wouldn't have to work. I would have to get up early and take my little kids out into the weather. I remember every morning that the weather was bad I would go out to my car and Uncle Roy had already scraped my windows in my car for me. He was an angel. Uncle Roy and Aunt Mary also told us not to pay rent two times a year for Christmas and during the Summer so we could have money for vacations and Christmas. They spoiled us. I just adored him and his wife. I always felt like I belonged and Aunt Mary had red hair which made me feel like I was truly family. They were both there in the temple the day we were married too. Even though I haven't seen Uncle Roy much, when I do he treats me as if it was just yesterday and that I still mean the world to him. He will truly be missed but I am sure his lovely wife is so happy to finally be reunited with him.

Well, back to this week. That is the hard part, funeral... The good part about this week is that I am adjusting to student teaching. I can finally say that I am loving it. I taught almost the entire day today. I love the kids. They are so cute even though at times they are frustrating. It is amazing how much I have learned already.

I just hope that I can find a job teaching when I get finished. It would be awful if I finally had my dream come true and wasn't able to find a teaching job.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Angela finished her first Cross Country Race. I was so proud of her. Todd has been doing it now for two years and does wonderful but it has been quite a struggle for Angela. Why is it that I start crying when she came across the finish line??? I am so proud.