Thursday, August 27, 2009

And it all starts...

This week has been very crazy for all of us Glads. Angela and Todd started back to school last Thursday and Karrilyn, AJ and I started back this Monday. It will be a crazy year for all of us. We will be working hard in many classes. I think we will need much chocolate and cookie dough to help us get through it all.

Student Teaching
I actually started my student teaching on Monday. I was very nervous the first day but after that things have continually become better. I am in the first grade. It has been a shocking experience for me. First graders can't do a whole lot, but they sure are adorable. The days have seemed long but as the week has gone by it has seemed to get better and better. I am teaching quite a lot of each day. I think the kids are getting used to me and I think I am also adapting. There is so much that goes into teaching each day. It is quite intense. I am student teaching out at Enoch Elementary school. I will be in first grade for thirty days and then fourth grade for thirty days. I can't believe that I am finally to this point where I will actually be graduating from school. What a dream I have been waiting for. I hope you are all cheering me on, because I can use it. I just hope once I am finished that I can actually find a job and teach.

I guess the hardest thing is to be gone all day from my kids and not being there every second when they need me. Mike has been wonderful. The first day he made enchiladas for dinner and cleaned the entire house. NO!! he has never made enchiladas before but they were great. He has definitely been cheering me on. Who knows maybe I will actually be a teacher some day.

Todd also had a birthday this week. He turned 17. For his birthday we gave him a laptop. He has all college classes this year but a few high school. He will need it. We also went out to dinner to the Pizza Factory. It was very yummy. My kids totally love it and we haven't been there for quite a while. I can't believe Todd is actually 17. I sure love my TODD. He is an exceptional boy with so much desire and most of all the desire to do good. Happy Birthday to my Todd Schmodd, Todderoo, one of my best friends. He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun with family

This past weekend, was crazy. We headed up to SLC after AJ got off work so we could be there for Sunday and spend some time with my family. My brothers that live out of state were in town and we had a party planned. It was a great day. We went to church with them, and of course I had to hold my new little niece and that was great, but she decided to leave a little mess on my white skirt. Oh well, she is well worth it. We also went to my sisters house for a barbecue, rock band party etc. It was a great time. I have the greatest siblings and of course parents.

This is a picture of AJ with his uncle Colt( my brother).
Here is the daddy of it all...

Of course you can't have a party without many pictures of family by Aunt Kristi.

This is a picture of my dad, my sister, Kami, and my two brothers playing Rock Band. We all had a chance to join in the fun. It was a hoot to watch and play in.

I have always loved teather ball and my sister happened to have on so Mike, AJ, and Todd had to try out their skills.
What a great day. My kids are the oldest grand kids of the family so they don't have cousins their ages to hang out with but they have their uncles and aunts that they have just as much fun with. This is what memories are all made of.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday in Disneyland

This year, I had a great birthday. I usually do, but this year was great fun because Mike and I went to Disneyland on my birthday. We had so much fun just the two of us. We took tons of pictures, ate lots of yummy food, went on many fun rides and it was great. This time that we were at Disneyland, we actually ate dinner at Pirates of the Caribbean. It was expensive but well worth it. This is one of my favorite pictures so I thought I would share.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Up to Salt Lake and back for lunch all in one day

Last Wednesday, I think, Mike and I drove to Salt Lake to go to lunch with one of his favorite cousins that was in from New Jersey. Quintin was in town with his family. He brought his wife, Susie and Grace to have lunch with us at TGI Friday's. What a long ways for lunch but always worth it, with Quin around. Mike used to do everything with Quin when they were kids. Only a few things have changed, like amount of hair, a few wrinkles but mostly everything was still the same.
It was well worth the trip up and back to Cedar all in one day. Thanks Quintin and Susie for meeting us. Anytime you are in town we would love to do it again and maybe next time we can come to NY and see you.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Class Reunion Party

About a week ago we had an Elder's quorum party. It was great. We all dressed up how we would have dressed in high school. It was a lot of fun. They had printed color copies of all of us from when we were in high school. I wish I had pictures. My husband wore his pink jacket and white levis and I wore one of his favorite dresses that he bought for me when we were first married even though that really wasn't high school it was a couple of years later. He only wishes that I had big hair like I did when we were dating.( 80's)

We had cafeteria food; meat loaf, potatoes and gravy, milk in cartons and brownies. After dinner we played some games. We nominated people for "most likely to". Then we played Do you Love your Neighbor/Classmate? If you have never played this game, it is a hoot but quite dangerous. You have to keep on your toes and move around a lot. It was all fun until I ended up getting dumped on the floor. I was hurting pretty bad and still after a week I am still quite tender. Oh well that is how it goes. Everyone has a good time playing until someone gets hurt.
What a great night and such a great idea!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So much to blog (I mean brag) about

These past two months have been crazy around here and I really have tons to blog about but it has been hard to take the time.

About a month ago we went to Youth Conference up in Kolob Canyon. It was gorgeous. I ended up helping with the games but my kids( which by the way are the greatest) had a great time and loved it.

Here is Ang, isn't this just the cutest picture of her.

This is of her getting ready to rappell and she really didn't want to do it but she DID it.

This picture shows her a little more happy about it. What a great experience.

This is one of the games that they were playing at Youth Conference. Todd is on the left.

This picture is of Todd rappelling. He is so much more confident about it than Angela but I think he has done it before.
I really need to update you on so much more. We have had so many great adventures that I need to share. I am so glad that my kids have opportunities like this.