Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Up to Salt Lake and back for lunch all in one day

Last Wednesday, I think, Mike and I drove to Salt Lake to go to lunch with one of his favorite cousins that was in from New Jersey. Quintin was in town with his family. He brought his wife, Susie and Grace to have lunch with us at TGI Friday's. What a long ways for lunch but always worth it, with Quin around. Mike used to do everything with Quin when they were kids. Only a few things have changed, like amount of hair, a few wrinkles but mostly everything was still the same.
It was well worth the trip up and back to Cedar all in one day. Thanks Quintin and Susie for meeting us. Anytime you are in town we would love to do it again and maybe next time we can come to NY and see you.


Kristy said...

That is one long lunch date! What fun to see old friends though...even if for a few hours.

Heatherlyn said...

Once we drove down to go to dinner with our friends in Salt Lake; we spent the night and drove back the next day. (We live in Idaho.)

Kathy B! said...

It's worth it though to catch up with old friends... but what a whirlwind day!