Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Yes, I am finally back from vacation to Disneyland and Six Flags in California. It was great. I will post pictures real soon and tell you all about it. We just arrived home last night. My oldest daughter turns 21 tomorrow. My husband has his birthday next Sunday, so as you can imagine it is crazy around here.

Grades are in- I don't know if any of you have been wondering but we did receive our grades. My son did real well with it being his first year in college. My daughter passed her Math class. We are all so happy. This is the second time for her to take the class and she passed with a B+. We still need to celebrate. I made the Deans List again and was very happy about that.

PLT test results- Some of you may remember me complaining about taking a test a couple of months ago that took forever, well I finally received my scores from it. It is a test that is required for me to pass to become a teacher. I PASSED!!!!! I was ecstatic to find out that I passed and did quite good on it. SO HAPPY to not have to take it again.

My Student teaching Placement- Some of you also asked me to let you know when I received my placement for student teaching in the Fall. I finally did. I will be student teaching out at the Enoch Elementary school. I will be student teaching in first grade and then in fourth grade. I was a little unhappy because I asked for Iron Springs Elementary and didn't get that school and now I am quite concerned about having enough cars for all of my kids to get to school and home again. I just hope it all works out. I am very excited to student teach and think it will be great to learn about first grade and fourth grade. More Adventure!!!

I will soon post pictures and information about our Disneyland Adventure of 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

I can't believe he is so big!!!

This week, I have been remembering when my kids were little and some of the memories that we have had through the years. This is my little AJ. Isn't he the cutest?

As I was thinking about him, I was remembering the day that he scared me to death. My husband was gone to drill and AJ was about 10-12 months old. I heard him scream and went and checked on him and decided to bring him back into my bed with me. After he had been in the bed with me for a little while, he quit breathing. I didn't know what to do or what was wrong with him. I screamed for help, but there was no one to help me. I remembered the CPR class that I had just taken a couple of weeks earlier and tried to focus on what to do. By this time he was starting to turn blue. I started to give him mouth to mouth. I was able to remember what needed to be done and he finally started to breathe again, even though it seemed like and eternity. He was so limp and lethargic and this scared me too. I called my husband and wasn't able to get a hold of him but told them to tell him to meet me at the emergency room and that it was an emergency.

At this point, my husband was very shook up and came home and picked up my oldest daughter and took her with him. He felt like he wanted to be with someone if it was very bad.
They ended up not being able to find out what the problem was and sent us home after some tests.

There is no way to tell you how hard this was on me. For a couple of months afterwards, I continued to have nightmares that he died. It was awful. When you think that you have almost lost a child, it is the hardest thing you could imagine.

One of the hardest thing about this experience is that it happened a couple of more times before they found out what was wrong with him. He ended up having seizures and would quite breathing. They put him on medicine and after about three years he grew out of it.

Any time a mother goes through something like this with her child, she grows so close to them. I was worried every second. AJ is such a very special young man and we are so blessed to have him and we feel so lucky. Anyone that knows him will agree with me, there is just something very special about him.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just a pair of shoes

During this school year I was in a class where we were required to write about a pair of shoes that we have had through the years. We had to let someone else read it and draw a picture of how they think the shoes actually looked. It was quite interesting. I have always enjoyed writing, but I know that I am not in any means a writer but I have had a few people say how much they enjoyed this paper.
I thought I would share it with you.

You could say that I am a pair of shoes, but not just any pair of shoes. I am a very sturdy pair of white with orange striping on them. I am the best pair of running shoes that you could want. Brand is always important especially when you are a running shoe and my brand is Asics. I am a very comfortable pair of running shoes that just never quits going. My soles are so worn that there is not much traction left. I am definitely not as nice looking as I have been in the years past, but I guess that is good because that means I have been used and loved.

In the past few years, my life has been very exciting and eventful. There are many days when I just think I can’t go on, but I am made for what I do so at least I am being used. Each morning as the sun rises, my owner gathers me out of her closet and begins to put me on her feet. She grabs her jacket, her heart monitor, and a drink of water and we are off. At first we would just walk and walk and walk, but as my life has gone on, things have drastically changed. I thought 4 miles of walking was plenty, but we were up to running nine miles before I knew it. It is not as easy as it looks to be a pair of shoes and carry around a human and try to give them the comfort and protection that they need. I am always excited when we get to the end of the nine miles, because we really start to slow down and then we walk. I am pretty tuckered out by then. We have covered a lot of territory the two of us, but I was to the point where I knew that I had been overused.

What am I supposed to do? I decided there was nothing else to do. I had to let her know that she needed a new pair of shoes, so I began to crunch up on her toes and she began to get blisters and she even lost her big toenail. Ouch!!! I know, but finally it did work and now I am left to rest in the closet and I am only used every once in a while. She finally gave in and bought a new pair. I know they probably aren’t as good as me, but they will have to work.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where all dreams come true

We are so excited for this week to come. We have had reservations for a couple of months now to take our kids and go to Disneyland. We weren't going to go this year and go somewhere else but we have received a great deal because my husband is in the military. (one we can't refuse)
We all need a break and a vacation. That song " I Need a Vacation" comes to my mind.

We are planning on going to the beach, the Newport Beach temple and Disneyland for three days. My kids are getting older and I thought that they wouldn't be as excited to go but they just love Disneyland or any theme park for that matter, so they are quite excited. We are driving which won't be as fun as flying but we can get there in about 7 hours, so that isn't too bad.

I am going to need to get some healthy snacks, because we usually have junk food on these trips and I don't want to gain back the weight that I have just lost. I usually makes cookies, buy chips and drinks, but I am not planning on doing that. It will be hard to eat like I have been doing so if any of you have ideas, let me know. It is always hard to watch what you are eating when you are on vacation, because you should be able to splurge, right???
Have you been to Disneyland or Disney World?? What is your favorite part or favorite ride?
Like my kids say" I'm going to Disneyland."

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Being a Mom

I guess with this week being Mother's day and everything I have thought a lot about this job that I have had for the last 21 years, the job of being a mom.

Do you ever wonder if you are doing what you should be as a mother? No stress or anything, it is just up to you if you have taught them what you need to so that they are good citizens and do something amazing with their life. On top of that, as a mother in the gospel, there seems to be more stress about it. These questions come to my mind. Will my sons go on a mission? Will my daughters be married in the temple? With the worldly temptations overcome any of my children and lead them astray? Have I taught them enough to overcome all of the problems that will face them in life? Do they feel loved and cherished and do they treat others with respect?

I can't imagine not being a mother, but it is such a load to carry. My kids are such good kids, but that doesn't mean that they won't make wrong choices in the future that might be detrimental to their lives.

I know, I know, you are saying you have to let them make their own choices and learn their own lessons, but do you know how hard it is to do that when you want them to be happy and make the important right choices. I am amazed at the great wonderful mothers out there that have many, many children and still seem to have a great grip on being a great mother.

I was telling my older kids today, that my paycheck has been my children and the lives that they lead. We all know that " there is no greater work that can be done than within the walls of our own homes."

One thing for sure is that being a mother sure makes me appreciate my mother that much more and all that we put her through while we were growing up. I guess it is a good thing that we have mothers, but it is sure hard some times to be one and be the kind that we need to be for our children.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As a child, I remember going to my grandma's house and I just loved her yard. She always had so many pretty flowers that smelled so wonderful. I think the thing that I loved the most were here lilac bushes. There is nothing quite like the smell of lilacs. Whenever I smell the lilac smell, I think of my grandma. No wonder my mom loves flowers like she does.
I am so excited to say that this year we went and bought us some lilac bushes. I hope they grow and actually some day blossom. I would love to have lilacs for my family to enjoy and to remember.
Does anyone know if there are any tricks to getting them to grow and do well???

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

Everything I am, I owe to my angel mother.
By Abraham Lincoln.

All day long I have been thinking about my mom. How do you express a feeling so deep? I am very thankful for my mom. When I heard this quote, I loved it because I definitely owe everything I am to my Angel Mother.
I remember when I was a child, my mom's health wasn't the best and I remember thinking how can she be so patient. Even though she was not feeling well she never complained and always kept going and going. There are so many things that she has taught me. I think the best way is to list some of them.
1. My mom taught me patience.
2. My mom taught me to endure life.
3. My mom taught me to never complain.
4. My mom taught me to have faith in my Savior Jesus Christ and to pray to my Heavenly Father.
5. My mother taught me that I was never alone.
6. My mom taught me how to work.
7. My mom taught me how to clean and do laundry.
8. My mom taught me to love the outdoors and especially her love for Yellowstone.
9. My mom taught me the unconditional love that a person has for their child.
10. My mom taught me that I can do anything.
11. My mom taught me to love flowers, flowers, flowers.
12. My mom taught me the great joy of storytelling to children.
13. My mom instilled in me the great love for brand new babies.
14. My mom taught me how to be a mother and listen but how to be a friend and love no matter what.
15. She taught me to enjoy every minute of each day.
16. She showed me the greatest love that you can have is by serving your own family.
The list goes on and on.
My mom has helped to mold me to who I am today. I can never repay her for the many lessons she has taught me, and the greatest gift that she taught me about which is the love for my Savior. Thanks MOM!!! I love you!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yummy Cookies!!!

I know I have been complaining about being on a diet but that doesn't mean that the rest of you are. I have a recipe for cookies that are to die for. My friend gave me this recipe and they are wonderful. I hope you enjoy!!

Orlas Cookies

Ingredients: 3 eggs- Beat until frothy then add the following:
2 cups white sugar
2 cups brown sugar
1 lb butter or margarine
2 tsp vanilla

Measure the following dry ingredients and add to the wet batch above:
6 cups flour
1- 1/2 tsp baking soda
1- 1/2 tsp salt
1- 1/2 bags (12 oz) chocolate chips or more if desired
2 cups walnuts
Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until lightly browned. These cookies are usually made huge, but you can make them what ever size you want to. They make quite a few cookies so you might want to freeze some of them.


Important to teach our Kids

As early as I can remember as a child, my parents especially my dad taught me to help others by his example. I remember him picking up hitchhikers when we were in the car with him. That was very scary to me. I remember him stopping to help people that their car had broke down on the freeway. I remember him stopping what he was doing to fix someone else's car so they wouldn't be stranded. I think because of this I have always loved to help others.

How important is it that we teach our children service when they are young???? I think it is very important. I remember when my kids were very little and one of them had a friend that had just received an operation and we went to the store and bought the friend something cold and sweet to eat and took it to him. I remember my child telling me, " Mom, that was fun, that felt good." I have always tried to teach my kids that service is important and that it makes us feel good.

Last night I was able to go and visit a sister in my neighborhood and help her in her yard. She is not able to walk around very much and can't do much for herself. I took my youngest daughter with me to help also. We didn't do a whole lot for this sweet lady but she sure thought that we did and it was great for my daughter to see the great blessings of serving others. When it came time to leave, she insisted in paying my daughter and we tried to talk her out of it. I think it is great for my kids to do service without rewards and without pay, but she insisted.

It is amazing when you fill your heart with love for others and are willing to help those that can't help themselves how great it makes you feel. You think that you are serving and in return you gain so much more. I hope that these experiences will help to shape my children, like those that my dad used to give me when I was young.

It is not only great to serve but we need to remind those that we serve that it is important that they let others serve them too. I think this is the hardest part is letting others serve us.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Six Weeks

I can't believe that I actually accomplished this diet that I have been on. Ok, you are probably sick of hearing about it but this is my blog so if it bores you I am sorry.

The last six weeks I have been on an intense diet as many of you know. I am finally off of stabilization, which means I can start eating a little more normal unless I want to continue to lose, which would be nice, but.... I guess I will see. In the last six weeks I have not had any treats. Any one that knows me knows that is hard for me, even when I am dieting usually I can have a diet drink or have some small kind of treat but I didn't splurge once. What an accomplishment.

Any of you that are on a diet or a new way of life change in your eating, GREAT. Good job. It is hard but I feel so much healthier. I have finally been able to exercise again, which is truly my LIFE, but because of my back it has been set back for a while. This is exciting for me. I am starting to do weights just today. I hope it makes a difference.

Do any of you add weights or strengthening to your exercise and have you seen a difference???? I guess this is one of my trials in life is to have to watch my weight my entire life, but at least it makes me be more careful than if I could eat anything that I want.

I hope you all are enjoying the great weather. I just can't stay inside. I am always outside walking, walking, walking.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why is it so hard to say "NO"?

As a parent there are times when you just have to say those words," NO". Some of those times are when they are little and they want more and more cookies, or they try to get out of their car seat or they are running around the house with a pair of scissors, or trying to cross the road without watching for cars. " NO, NO, NO".

Through the years there are so many reasons that these words have to be said. As my kids get older and older some times I can't see the reason and they can't see the reason why but I just feel like the answer is " NO". It is so hard to tell a teen that always does what they are supposed to do and never gets into trouble that the answer is " NO". This happened to me lately and many times actually but just lately, one of my teenagers wanted to do something with their friends and I just knew the answer was " NO", but more than anything I wanted to say " YES". He is such a good kid and he should have this freedom. He was very disappointed and that makes it even harder for me.

I will never know why I felt like " NO" was the right answer but maybe that is good that I never had to find out. I just hope that some day he realizes that it is just because of love for him that those words were said.

Some day maybe when he has children of his own, he will understand but for now he just has to trust that we are the parents right now, even though this job is not fun at times. I must say that I am so LUCKY to have the best kids that have grown up to be wonderful teenagers.