Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun times for the Glads

I know it has been forever since I have posted. I hope you all have missed me.

On the 24th of July we went to an early morning breakfast and then to the parade. I guess it was brighter than I thought it was as you can tell by looking at the picture of my kids. It has been a tradition since they were little to get Old Navy flag tshirts for them for the 4th and 24th of July.
After the parade we came home and started our afternoon, day of playing Rock Band. It was a lot of fun but took pretty much the whole day. We conquered the 84 song list on Rock Band. We did break for dinner and homemade ice cream with homemade carmel. Mike makes the best.

This is a picture that I had my kids take yesterday after church. My husband has a kilt from his ancestors tartan. He wears it twice a year to church and boy does he get comments like crazy. It doesn't bother him at all, he is proud of his kilt. When his parents gave him the kilt they also gave me some material that matches his kilt. My mom made me a skirt to match his and guess what???? You guessed it, I always have to wear mine the same day that he wears his.
Really, I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth. We have been enjoying our summer except for the online Chemistry class that I am taking. My daughter received her learner's permit to drive. Wow. They just keep growing and growing. I spent a couple of days in SLC and got to go to dinner with my parents for my dad's birthday. I am leaving for girl's camp this week, wish me luck!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have to brag

The past few months I guess you could say that I have a new hobby. I have been couponing and looking for great deals for grocery shopping. I never been much of a coupon person, just too much of a hastle but I started just recently. I have had such great luck and it is actually fun to shop.

One of my first shopping trips I spent $50 and I saved $120. I was so excited. I think my family loves it too, because they get some things that I have never before bought because they are frivilous and not needed but what do you say when you get them for FREE.

I have had so many fun trips with this where I have ended up spending no money because everything ended up being FREE. I must admit my kids get tired of helping me out with the coupons going through lines but they sure enjoy the benefits of it.

If any of you are interested and are tired of grocery shopping and spending too much money, let me know and I will tell you my great secret. I don't know how this will work when I am back in school but we shall see.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Memory

I know it has been forever since I have blogged. You probably have wondered what is going on or maybe not.

Life continues to be crazy especially with Summer and a family of 4 teenagers. We are always going. We had a great Fourth of July. I can't think of a better way than to spend it with my kids going to parades, watching fireworks, making homemade ice cream and playing games.

This last week we had the chance to go somewhere, just Mike and I and the two younger kids. We ended up in SLC for one night, a real fast trip with no time to do much but we did take time to go to Camp Williams Swimming Pool while Mike was at his meeting at Camp Williams.

Have you ever walked in somewhere or gone somewhere and you have so many memories flood your memory that it is just crazy?? That is how it was as I entered that swimming pool. This place has SO many memories for me and all of my kids. We used to go swimming three to four times a week at this pool because it only cost us $1 a person and it is huge with grass all around it.
I remember taking my kids when they were just learning how to swim out to the pool after Mike got off of work. I remember playing and throwing kids in the pool. I remember so many birthday parties for my kids at this pool. I remember sharing this great experience with so many of my great friends. I can see me there with them and their kids playing, visiting and swimming. I remember a couple of times inviting all of my great friends in my ward to meet us out there and swim. What a party!!! There was probably about 60 people or more that traveled out to go swimming and eat and play together. I have shared this place and so many memories with so many people that I just had all of these great memories plow through my mind. Man, I wish I had more pictures of it.

I am so thankful for my memories of loved ones, great cherished friends and family. These are things that can never be taken away from me even when my kids move out and are gone I will always cherish these great memories with my husband, kids and so many others.