Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Never Knew

This week has been hard but it is definitely better than last. The hard thing about this week is that I have a funeral to go to on Thursday. You probably are wondering who is it for??? I would have to say it is for one of my favorite people in the world. My husband's Uncle Roy passed away on Saturday morning. Why should I care??? I care because from the very second that I met him he has always treated me like a queen and as if I walk on water or something. I just can't explain it.

Mike and I, when we were just starting out with Karrilyn and AJ lived in Draper in a tiny little house behind Uncle Roy's and Aunt Mary's house. They rented it to us for $105 a month. It was small but what do you need when you are such a small family. I remember we had only a shower, no tub and the kids bedroom was also the laundry room. Oh well it was great for us.

Back then, I used to get up every morning and take my little kids to another person's house and babysit to make money so I wouldn't have to work. I would have to get up early and take my little kids out into the weather. I remember every morning that the weather was bad I would go out to my car and Uncle Roy had already scraped my windows in my car for me. He was an angel. Uncle Roy and Aunt Mary also told us not to pay rent two times a year for Christmas and during the Summer so we could have money for vacations and Christmas. They spoiled us. I just adored him and his wife. I always felt like I belonged and Aunt Mary had red hair which made me feel like I was truly family. They were both there in the temple the day we were married too. Even though I haven't seen Uncle Roy much, when I do he treats me as if it was just yesterday and that I still mean the world to him. He will truly be missed but I am sure his lovely wife is so happy to finally be reunited with him.

Well, back to this week. That is the hard part, funeral... The good part about this week is that I am adjusting to student teaching. I can finally say that I am loving it. I taught almost the entire day today. I love the kids. They are so cute even though at times they are frustrating. It is amazing how much I have learned already.

I just hope that I can find a job teaching when I get finished. It would be awful if I finally had my dream come true and wasn't able to find a teaching job.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Angela finished her first Cross Country Race. I was so proud of her. Todd has been doing it now for two years and does wonderful but it has been quite a struggle for Angela. Why is it that I start crying when she came across the finish line??? I am so proud.


Sherrie said...

I am so sorry for your loss of a great man/uncle in your life. Congrats to Angela! I don't think you will have to worry about finding a job and when you do, you will be GREAT!!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Uncle Roy sounds like a wonderful person. Someone who has surely impacted your life in such a positive way. It's always hard to lose such a gem - I'm sorry :(

Bravo to you though for the student teaching, way to go :)


SO said...

Awww Roy sounds like he was wonderful! I'm sorry you have to say goodbye to him.

Glad that student teaching is going well and Congrats to Angela on finishing her race!

KC Mom said...

Sounds like you have a lot of emotional things going on right now, I'd probably cry too when my kid crossed the finish line of a race.
Hugs today.

Lara said...

I'm sorry about Uncle Roy. He does sound amazing.

Tell Angela congrats! I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to finish a cross country race at all. I am super impressed!

tammy said...

Everyone needs an Uncle Roy in their life. I loved what you shared about him. Makes me want to try and be that kind of person.

Loralee and the gang... said...

What a sweet tribute! They sound like they were really lovely. We are so lucky when we have people in our lives to love so much, who love us in return, and show how they care. That is rare.
And congrats on your daughter's accomplishment!

Carolyn said...

What wonderful memories.

I cry when my kids succeed and when they fail it's just a mom thing.

Andrea said...

I'm so sorry about Uncle Roy. He sounds like a great man.

I'm glad your student teaching is going well!

Erin said...

I'm sorry about the loss of your husband's uncle! But I'm glad that student teaching seems to be going well for you.

Kristi T. said...

Congratulations to Ang. I can't even imagine finishing a cross country race. Kathy Congratulations to you for doing so well in your student teaching. I know you are going to make an amazing teacher. You will find a job I am sure of it and those children will be so lucky to have you there for them. Bowdee's teacher is looking for a replacement because she will be having a baby in April so maybe you should move in with us and help her out. I know how you love to help people out. I am sorry for your loss of Uncle Roy. That is exactly how Terrys grandpa treats me. I know that day when it comes that he goes to meet his sweetheart again it will hurt so deep because he means so much to me. So I am so sorry for your loss.