Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My TODDEROO, it is your day!

I am so excited, my family gave me a copier/scanner/printer for my birthday and it is great because I can actually post pictures of my older kids. Yeah!!!

Today is my son, Todd's 18th birthday. I can't believe it. Todd is so awesome. This picture is one of my favorite pictures of him. Isn't he adorable???

This is one of his baby pictures. He was such a delight as a baby and still is.

Here is a picture of Todd last year. He has grown up so much. Todd can do anything. I remember when he was in sixth grade and they presented him with the Hope of America award, I was so proud I could just burst. Todd, is great because he treats everyone the same. He believes in being nice to everyone.
I would never believe it now but when Todd was in first grade, he would cry because he didn't want to go to school. Now he has just graduated from high school and he already has his Associates at the college and is going on as a Junior. He just got his first job and is working at Pizza factory. Todd is one of my best friends. I remember when he was a baby thinking he was so beautiful that he must be a girl, because he was such a beautiful baby.
I am SO thankful that I am lucky to be his mom. As Todd always says," Mom, I know I made a good choice in my best friend." I love you Todd, I just wish you weren't so grown up so fast. Have a super day, you deserve it.

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The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

That's so awesome, what an accomplishment! You must feel so happy!!!