Monday, August 23, 2010

I Wish

This year has been quite the adventure. SO many things going on and I am not being very good to write or update any of it. I must say part of that is because it has been a year of hard trials for me, but I won't go into that because it really doesn't matter.

I finally graduated, Todd graduated from high school, my baby got her driver's license. My husband just bought his first real fun toy for him since we have been married, a Spyder motorcycle. I had braces put on my teeth. We just got a new kitchen a couple of months ago and we got to go on one of the funnest vacations of all. We went to Disney World for ten days. It was so fun.

Among all of the main events that have happened in our lives, it has been a hard year. I have struggled with so many things. Some of them very personal and other ones just stupid. It has been hard on me to see all of my kids grow up. I will be sad when they all move away. They are my life, what I have worked for my entire life and my love. Along with this trial, there have been many others along the way but I won't even start into them. I have learned a lot from all of these. I have learned to trust in my Heavenly Father and that things aren't going to be easy at all but that he is there to help me along the way. I have learned how important real friends and close family is and that we are here for a reason. I have learned how hard it is to see your kids struggle with life and their many trials that they have to be put through.

I love my life, but I have learned that this year has been a testing time for me and I am sure it is not over. Can I meet up or do I give in? I know my answer. I hope you have gained new ambition in your life and in your trials, because I have also learned that everyone have trials and they may look harder or easier than our own but they are just as hard to that person.

I have also learned how much I cherish the perfect day!!! and how in a small way the imperfect day are important too but just not cherished as nearly as much.

I also feel like I am in this body that doesn't feel this old but is starting to look this old and how did I get to this point, because I still feel like I should be 25 or 28. I am so excited for all I have learned and for each new day and for the time I have to spend with those I love.

I know this has been a big blog of rambling, but this blog is for me to be as a journal and sometimes you have to figure no one really cares but these are things that I need to write. Thanks to all of you who do REALLY care, it means a lot.


Andrea said...

It sounds like this year has been a hard one for you. I think it's awesome that you've learned so much from it.

Lara said...

I really feel like watching my kids get older is the hardest thing ever. I can imagine how it must be for you when Angela is now driving! YIPES!

(hugs) to you Kathy. You're such a great example.

Anna said...

Oh Kathy, I wish I could say or do something to make a difference for you. I know it's been hard since you got AJ ready for his mission. I know, for me, that dealing with depression is difficult but made more manageable by having someone to talk to and ultimately drawing closer to the Christ and understanding the Atonement. I know you'll get through. In the meantime (((HUGS))) and if you need someone, let me know.