Thursday, January 28, 2010

A little different Christmas last year

Our Christmas was a little crazy this year and real different. For the weeks before Christmas we were trying to get AJ ready for his mission to Columbus. We spent a lot of time shopping, playing, preparing etc. Here is one of AJ's pictures in the MTC with his great friend Craig that just happened to be in the MTC when he was.

Yes, AJ was in the MTC during Christmas so we had to celebrate his Christmas before he left. His report date was Dec 16.
This is a picture of AJ helping to decorate the tree. For some reason there is always the tongue.

During that month, Mike and I took AJ to Salt Lake to shop for missionary clothes and to also take him to a couple of temples. We went to the new Draper Temple and the Salt Lake Temple. It was great. This picture is of Mike and AJ at Leatherbys. You just have to go to Leatherbys if you have the chance.

My kids, ever since they were little, usually get a Christmas outfit during the first part of December. This is a picture of them all with their new Christmas outfits. They know that time is running short and they are all going to miss their brother.

We had many friends and family come down for the missionary farewell. We were so overwhelmed with the love and support that we felt. AJ did a great job. SO many people commented that he spoke like a return missionary instead of one just going out. Of course we had to have great food to celebrate. We had a brunch with muffins, fruit, breakfast casserole and other great yummy food.

We did have a special day for AJ's Christmas. He is such a cutie. His Christmas wasn't that exciting, because how exciting can ties and shirts be but we still had fun.

We have the greatest bishop in the world. Anyway, this is a picture of AJ on the night he was set apart as a missionary. We invited our bishop to come too. AJ and Bishop Wilson have a great relationship.

The day that AJ went to the MTC we woke everyone up early and headed to Dennys for breakfast. It was early but well worth it. We had a great time but it was real hard when the kids had to say good bye.

This is a picture of AJ and I at the MTC when we dropped him off. I am trying to look happy but this is definitely a bitter sweet moment.

A picture of Mike and AJ the day that we took him to the MTC. As you can tell it was a hard day. AJ will be a fabulous missionary.
Christmas morning, Angela doesn't look too awake.

Todd is so excited about his external drive and really knows how to show it. He must be from my side of the family.

Christmas morning with Karrilyn is always a blast. She is always so happy about what she gets even though she is my oldest. My kids definitely love Christmas. Wonder who they got that from.

Christmas Eve checking out where Santa has been on the computer. We have to make sure we are to bed on time. Haha.

Christmas morning, my kids are so cute. It was definitely different without AJ for Christmas but we tried to make the most of it. This picture is of Angela, Todd, and Karrilyn. Merry Christmas.

Christmas tree, you always have to have a picture of the Christmas tree. New Year here we come.


Heatherlyn said...

That will be a very memorable Christmas for you! I love the picture of all the kids hugging their brother!

Andrea said...

It is hard to say goodbye to a missionary. But it does get better.

Sherrie said...

I love all the pictures. I know how bitter-sweet it must have been for you. This Christmas will be full of great memories shared with family and friends. Thanks for sharing.

Just ME the MOM said...

Thank you for bringing me right into the middle of your home and family. It reminds me so much of our holidays when our missionaries were serving. Love the group hug - too precious.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

SOOOOOOOOO fun! That's awesome you did Christmas before he left too! My hubby and I put my sister on a mission and took her to the MTC (parents inactive) and wow! I can't imagine how a mom would feel but as a sister, I wanted to bawl my eyes out!! Your family will be so blessed!!!

Kristi T. said...

I just love all your christmas photos. Your family is so much like my family it is just crazy! I have a feeling Treg will be asking for that external drive and Bowdee making me cry when he leaves me. And Matia well she is a little of both your girls wrapped into one cute bundle. Love you sis thanks for sharing BEAUTIFUL Christmas Tree!