Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

This is the first Thanksgiving that we have had at our house for many years. We usually travel to Salt Lake from Cedar every year and spend the weekend. This year, Mike asked his family if they would be willing to come down to Cedar for Thanksgiving if we paid for everything for Thanksgiving, and they actually said YES.

It just isn't Thanksgiving weekend without Mike playing football. This is AJ and Mike playing with a the Elder's in our ward.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. The food was great and so was the company. We really enjoyed ourselves. We all played Rock Band together and everyone got involved. I think everyone had a great time.
Angela is singing in this picture, but almost everyone took their turn either singing or playing guitar or drums. It was lots of fun. This is a picture of Angela, Anna, Joy, Fuzzy and Liz

Our drum player, AJ, enjoying himself on Thanksgiving. We have to take as many pictures of him as possible because before we know it he will be gone. We are so thankful for so many things and especially thankful for family.


Erin said...

It looks like you had a nice holiday. And I noticed that your son got Sterling Scholar. Congrats to him!

Karrilyn said...

that was so much fun to play rock band together.

Sherrie said...

Now that looks like a very fun time with your family. I'm glad they were able to spend it with you in Cedar. Miss You!

Andrea said...

Hey, I didn't realize you live in Cedar. My dad grew up there.

Heatherlyn said...

How fun to spend the holidays with your family at your house!!! My husband's side of the family will never have Thanksgiving at our house and my family lives pretty far away so we always end up going to someone's house. It might be nice to host it once!