Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No one can take your place

Have you ever wondered why some people come into your life and make such a difference in your life to have them move away or you to move away??? Do any of you have those friends that have made you a better person by knowing them?

Lately, I have been missing certain friends and many family members. There are special friends and family that mean so much to me that it is hard to not be with them. I have been so blessed with wonderful friends but they are the kind of friends that you just don't want to be away from. There just are people in this lifetime that have treated me like family and have made me feel so loved and needed. I miss them. Yes, sure I have made a few friends here where I live but I have such a hard time even after all this time letting go to people that have touched my life so deeply.
I also have always lived close to my family, my parents and brothers and sisters and now I live quite a ways from most of them. It is hard to not be a part of their lives. I miss that. I miss seeing my parents and my brothers and sisters. I miss my nieces and nephews knowing who I am. Yes it is hard to love and be so far away from those that mean so much. There must be a reason that our paths have parted for a while. I have wondered this for quite some time and I think it is because we become so comfortable with certain loved ones and friends that it is just easy to always be just a part of their lives and not be willing to make a difference in other people's lives. If we don't have those friends or fewer of them we are encouraged to make other friendships and strengthen friendships that we live close to. I guess I just need to continue to push myself and that is why for a time those people that have made remarkable difference in my life don't live in closeness to me. Hopefully someday in the future if not in heaven we can all sit down together and reminisce and enjoy being together again. I hope.


Sherrie said...

Oh boy can I relate to this post completely. And I have to say I really miss you, Kathy! I lived in Cedar only a short time, but I made some really amazing friends there and I miss them all terribly. You are most definately one of them. I hope that someday soon I will be able to head down that direction to visit my kids and be able to see my friends too. I don't know when or if that will happen anytime soon but its something that I know I need to do as soon as I can.

By the way, THANK YOU for your sweet and loving comments on my blog today. You made me cry. You made me feel so loved. And I needed to hear that. Thank you for being an amazing friend.

Love You!

Audrey said...

Kathy, you made a difference in my life, I am so glad that you, were the Relief Society president when we moved into the Cedar Meadows ward.

I know what you mean about good friends who have meant a lot living far away, one of my best friends ever moved to Pennsylvania 3-4 years ago and I miss her terribly

Kristi T. said...

love and miss you to babe!