Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Here You Have It

So here you have it, I have been TAGGED. I really don't know why because my life isn't that interesting but Sherrie that she can tell that I am needing ideas to blog about. I haven't been tagged for a while and many times I am not too good at actually doing it , but how can I say no to Sherrie.

Here is how this meme goes. It is called Picture This.
Here are the instructions:
1. Go to my Pictures.
2. Open the first folder.
3. Post the tenth picture and tell the picture about it.
4. Tag 4 people.

So here goes:

This picture was on AJ's 13 birthday. He looks so young and of course I love writing about my AJ.( as well as all of my kids) He is so cute.

Here are the pictures that go with the day. He had a swimming birthday party with some friends and of course our swimming parties were always out at Camp Williams because Mike worked there for years and it was so nice and so cheap. You can see that it looks like we have the entire pool to ourselves.

This picture is of Angela and AJ at the party. Don't they look so young. Where did my babies go?
In this picture is one of AJ's best friends and he is coming home from his mission next month. His mom is still one of my very best friends. Man this brings back so many memories of my kids when they were young and my close friends that I miss.
Thanks Sherrie for making me do this and think about my kids.
And now I am tagging four friends of mine so go and check their blogs out:


Sherrie said...

I love it! Your kids are so small, just like mine were in the picture I posted about. I just loved this meme because it helped bring back so many fond memories. Thanks for playing along Kathy! That pool at camp williams looks awesome. We never took advantage of it even though we could have at any time.

Just ME the MOM said...

Hey! Thanks for the tag - sounds like fun :)

Your photos are so cute!