Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Get Back Up

This is the story of MY life.

I had an experience last week that I just need to write about because some day it might just help my kids to hear this story.

It was fast and testimony meeting at church and the spirit just kept telling me to get up and bear my testimony, but I kept avoiding it. It is hard for me to get up but I finally gave in. I started to walk up the aisle as my heart was pounding and all of a sudden I realized that my whole leg was asleep and I figured just keep walking it will shake out. Well, needless to say it didn't.

All of a sudden I went flying through the air. I have always imagined if I fell that I would not remember anything but that wasn't the case. I remember seeing everything going flying as I flew through the air. It was scary. Before I knew it I realized that I was on the floor and that I hadn't broken anything that I could tell.

I remember thinking to myself what do I do now. I just have made a fool of myself and the whole bishopric looked like they were going to have a heart attack. Well, I put on a fake smile and walked the rest of the way up to the pulpit and bore my testimony. The first thing I said was "if you were asleep you aren't now". I can't believe after all of that I was able to get up and bear my testimony. How humiliating, how humbling!!!!

When I sat down, my husband asked me if I broke anything. I replied, " just my pride." It was a very hard day for me. I just kept thinking about what I fool I had made of myself. I know that I am a little crazy but to have everyone know it now, was not what I had in mind.

I hope that I can always remember and teach my children that when you fall and you will so many times, you need to get up and do your best and make the best of the situation. As a little girl, this is one of the things I remember most about what my dad taught me was that you can't just stay down. You HAVE TO GET BACK UP!!! This summer has been a very, very hard one on me and maybe it is for me that I had this happen, so I can remember I just need to not give up but get back UP!!!!


Heatherlyn said...

Oh, that is such a metaphor for so many different experiences we have in life! Thank you for sharing. Truly, success in life is not about how many times we don't fall down but how many times we get back up and keep going!

Rae said...

I think you are awesome, and especially awesome for sharing that! We've all fallen--in various ways--and I'm so glad that YOU choose to get back up!!

Kristy said...

One time I was playing for the choir and I totally messed up and then my music fell all over the floor. It was terrible. But you finish anyway :) Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Kathy, you really did such a good job. I was certainly worried about you, but you got up there and put a smile on and bore a beautiful testimony. Abby loves having you for a teacher, have I told you that? I'm sorry it's been hard, but even through your struggles- know that you are loved and appreciated!

Sherrie said...

Oh wow Kathy! I'm glad you got back up and continued on in bearing your testimony. Not sure if I could do the same. But I love how you made that experience into an analogy on life.

Hey... I have missed your blogging posts. I'm glad to see your back and hope you will continue on.

I'm sorry you are having such a difficult summer. If I was closer I would demand a girls day or something like that. Do something great for yourself cuz you deserve it.

Love Ya!

Kristi T. said...

Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I just don't want to get back up ever. But I do because that is the way we were raised get back up and then do it better then you were! Love ya sis

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!!! Well, I love that you got up and tried to make it funny, you're so cute! I'm sure in years to come, you'll laugh about it and yes, what a great lesson for your kids!!

Terry Townsend said...

I'm happy you didn't break anything. I can totally see Kristi doing the exact same thing and writing the exact same blog. There's no doubt that you two are sisters. It's kinda freaky. Good job for getting up twice...once to go up and once to get up. You're a trooper. Love you.