Monday, March 29, 2010

He is the Man

As most of you know, my son Todd was made Sterling Scholar at Cedar High School. Last week they had a special banquet for him and all of the other sterling scholars. This is him with his new suit on. He wasn't excited to have a suit but he sure looks handsome. Sterling Scholar was sure a lot more work than we all figured it would be. They each have to come up with a portfolio and then they also had to take part in the banquet that they had. Todd being over Computer Technology was in charge of the video for the Sterling Scholars. He did a great job. We are so proud of you Todd and all of your many hours of work. You are truly amazing. You will go far with this kind of ambition. Good luck at region.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Here You Have It

So here you have it, I have been TAGGED. I really don't know why because my life isn't that interesting but Sherrie that she can tell that I am needing ideas to blog about. I haven't been tagged for a while and many times I am not too good at actually doing it , but how can I say no to Sherrie.

Here is how this meme goes. It is called Picture This.
Here are the instructions:
1. Go to my Pictures.
2. Open the first folder.
3. Post the tenth picture and tell the picture about it.
4. Tag 4 people.

So here goes:

This picture was on AJ's 13 birthday. He looks so young and of course I love writing about my AJ.( as well as all of my kids) He is so cute.

Here are the pictures that go with the day. He had a swimming birthday party with some friends and of course our swimming parties were always out at Camp Williams because Mike worked there for years and it was so nice and so cheap. You can see that it looks like we have the entire pool to ourselves.

This picture is of Angela and AJ at the party. Don't they look so young. Where did my babies go?
In this picture is one of AJ's best friends and he is coming home from his mission next month. His mom is still one of my very best friends. Man this brings back so many memories of my kids when they were young and my close friends that I miss.
Thanks Sherrie for making me do this and think about my kids.
And now I am tagging four friends of mine so go and check their blogs out:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally the Pictures...

Yes, I actually have posted my braces/new hair picture all in one. This was at the end of last week. You can tell that I definitely have braces and that my hair is a little darker.
What do you think???

Friday, March 19, 2010

Braces for me

Ok, well I did take pictures of me and my braces but I look awful so I guess I will just tell you about them.
I finally did it. I had braces put on this week on my teeth. I was very nervous but I have always wanted straight teeth. Two of my kids have had braces and Angela still has hers on. I went in on Wednesday morning and they put them on. It took about an hour. It wasn't too bad until I decided to try to eat something. I was a little nauseated when I got home so I just had chicken noodle soup for lunch.
It is now Friday and it hasn't been too bad but they are definitely pretty sore and I keep taking the Tylenol to help it out but I really miss food that isn't pudding or mashed potatoes. Everyone keeps saying it will be worth it and that I will never regret it. I hope so. Fourteen to Sixteen months sounds like a very long time. I just hope I can actually bite down on something yummy in the next four weeks. This will get real old real fast. I think if I have too much ice cream I could put on more weight than I really want to. The only good thing right now is that people say it makes me look like a teenager. Is that good?
What yummy food can I eat today??? I will probably just starve.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Skiing at Brianhead

Have you ever seen one of those photos of people when they are out in the snow or go skiing and it just makes you cold? Well here is one of those.
Mike took Todd skiing to Brian Head a couple of weeks ago and of course it was a day that the rest of us had to work and go to school. It was a stormy day and they were getting snowed on as they were skiing. Mike definitely took a hold of some of it on his face. Brrrr.

They had so much powder that it was harder than normal for them to ski. They had a great time, even though the weather was not the greatest. I am so glad that they were able to go skiing together especially when they are so busy with everything else going on in Mike's and Todd's life right now.

My Valentine Baby

Sixteen years ago, my Valentine Baby was born. Angela Nicole Glad. She was born the day after Valentine's day. I was so thrilled to get her here and have loved every minute of her being with our family. She adds so much excitement, happiness, and drama to our family. Angela cares about everyone and will always stick up for the underdog. She doesn't want anyone to feel unloved or left out. She is very talented but works hard at everything. She still plays the flute and the piano. She is in Success Academy for part of the day an if she keeps it up she will graduate with her associates at the college when she graduates from high school. She just finished Driver's Ed and is so excited to get her license if we ever get enough hours for her to get it.
On her birthday, some of her friends decided to surprise her and meet us at Brad's Food Hut for lunch. We never go there so we had to find a way to make it sound like it was just a fun place to try. She went for it and when we walked in her friends were there waiting for her. They paid for her lunch and they chatted for quite a while, then we drove them to see Percy Jackson's the Lightning Thief. It was great. After the movie we came home and she played games with her friends like Rock Band, board games, Guitar Hero and others. We actually had a big cake, and it was bought. That was a first.
Here is a picture of all of her friends that came to help celebrate the big sweet 16 day.
Here is Angela's cake with balloons. She can be happy with anything, especially if it involves cake.
To top it all off, Angela got her big sweet 16 present. When our kids turn 16, they get one nice big present. This year Angela chose a nice dresser for her bedroom. It is beautiful. She was I think even more thrilled when she opened up her own cell phone. She has so many extra curriculuar activities and we can never know where she is or when she needs to get picked up. She just kept saying how great her day was and it was.
Angela you are the greatest. I love you tons. You have such a special way of showing those around you that they matter. Thanks for being our Ang.

Still Loving Me

Just a picture of me and my honey. YES, he has definitely changed since last year.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No one can take your place

Have you ever wondered why some people come into your life and make such a difference in your life to have them move away or you to move away??? Do any of you have those friends that have made you a better person by knowing them?

Lately, I have been missing certain friends and many family members. There are special friends and family that mean so much to me that it is hard to not be with them. I have been so blessed with wonderful friends but they are the kind of friends that you just don't want to be away from. There just are people in this lifetime that have treated me like family and have made me feel so loved and needed. I miss them. Yes, sure I have made a few friends here where I live but I have such a hard time even after all this time letting go to people that have touched my life so deeply.
I also have always lived close to my family, my parents and brothers and sisters and now I live quite a ways from most of them. It is hard to not be a part of their lives. I miss that. I miss seeing my parents and my brothers and sisters. I miss my nieces and nephews knowing who I am. Yes it is hard to love and be so far away from those that mean so much. There must be a reason that our paths have parted for a while. I have wondered this for quite some time and I think it is because we become so comfortable with certain loved ones and friends that it is just easy to always be just a part of their lives and not be willing to make a difference in other people's lives. If we don't have those friends or fewer of them we are encouraged to make other friendships and strengthen friendships that we live close to. I guess I just need to continue to push myself and that is why for a time those people that have made remarkable difference in my life don't live in closeness to me. Hopefully someday in the future if not in heaven we can all sit down together and reminisce and enjoy being together again. I hope.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a great day!!!

I know that I have been awful getting on and keeping my blog up to date. It has been hard because I like to use it as a journal but I know there are many of you that might not like what I write, I apologize for this.
This last week has been crazy at my house. Todd has finished his portfolio for Sterling Scholar with his banquet rapidly approaching.

I changed the color of my hair because of the many grays that keep appearing.

I enjoyed a great evening with my husband at the temple. I am always amazed in the spirit that is felt there.

Angela had me take her to the beauty salon and had her hair chopped off. Well, it is not all the way chopped off but it is so different for her. It is very cute though. I will try to post a picture.

Mike and I took Angela for a long road trip to help get some of her hours for driver's ed. She is so anxious to get her license but I am such a basket case when it comes to driving with my kids when they are learning.

Mike and I went to the adult session of Stake Conference and were again spiritually uplifted. We also went today with the kids and it was wonderful.

Today has been such a wonderful day. I just can't explain in words. Todd had his patriarchal blessing given to him this afternoon. The spirit was SO STRONG. I have never had or seen a patriarch with all of my kids and myself that has become emotional and he was. Todd is such a giant when it comes to being spiritual and I know the patriarch felt that. It was a beautiful experience. Todd was given such a wonderful blessing. There are so many blessings that he has been given if he lives worthily in his life. WOW and he is my son. I feel so humbled by the great spirits that I have been given responsibility over here in this life. They are so wonderful.

I really enjoy my Sunday afternoons, snuggling with my husband and taking a nap and just being together as a family. It is so hard to want to do anything else. I have felt so much peace in my home in the last few months it is wonderful.