Wednesday, May 7, 2008

College Break! YES!

I can't believe that I finally have a break from school, but it will go by very quickly I am sure. This month will be crazy with all of the band concerts, choir concerts, and awards assemblies, along with seminary graduation for AJ and high school graduation for AJ. AJ is going to graduate on May 22 and the next morning we are leaving for Florida and Disney World. I bet you all wish you could come with us. We are going to be gone for a week and I am sure we will be loving every minute of it.
Summer session of school is going to start while we are gone but I will just have to make it up when I get back. There is no real good time to go on vacation this summer because I am taking classes all summer. I don't know if I will ever graduate but I won't if I don't continue.
Karrilyn and I are still waiting for our grades and waiting and waiting. We are so anxious to know how we really did this semester.
All of the other kids are anxious to get out of school too, but they do have a couple of fun trips to look forward to. AJ is going to SLC this week for choir they have made it to State and they are also going to Lagoon on Saturday, which is crazy because Angela is also going to Lagoon on Saturday with one of her many groups in school. I wish I could go!!!!!
Angela is going to Lagoon again next week and Todd is also going to Lagoon next week for physics day at Lagoon with Success Academy.
I hope they have left some room for amusement parks after Lagoon because we will be hitting the rides at Disney World in a couple of weeks.
I will let you know when we finally have our grades back, hopefully soon. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement through this semester with College Algebra, it has been a nightmare.


Lara said...

Don't worry. Lagoon has nothing on Disney World! I know I was jealous when Angela told me you guys were going! :)

Kristi said...

I am so jealous of all their amusement park fun. Tell them to blow a kiss my way as they fly on by on I-15. I just love those kids and wish I was closer so we could spend more time together. Congrats on getting through one more semester. You will make it through do you know how much more you have? Keep us posted on your grades. Does AJ have his graduating GPA yet? If he does I need to know it. Love you

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you wanna keep us posted about grades and GPA?

I know I always wanted to keep such things to my self since my grades or GPA weren't ever very impressive.

Anyway, good luck.