Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Spoiled!

My Mother's day started out with my kids knocking on my door at 9am. My kids brought me breakfast in bed. This has become a tradition on Mother's day and this year was great. There have been other years when the food has been not so great and we have had to try to get rid of it without the kids feeling bad. It was really nice to sleep in and then to do whatever I wanted to do all morning before church.

I really enjoyed church, even though my kids are too old to sing with the primary for Mother's day. It is nice in our ward because they have all of the priesthood sing on Mother's day every year so Mike, AJ and Todd were able to sing with all the rest of the priesthood. They sang "Oh How Lovely was the Morning". It was beautiful.

After church, Mike and the kids made me dutch oven chicken with cheese and mushrooms and Karrilyn made me homemade rolls. What a treat. They also bought me a ice cream cake and ice cream and the best part is to enjoy without making a mess. It was great.

My kids and Mike gave me flowers to put out on a hanger on my front porch. I really wanted some flowers or something outside to enjoy. My kids also gave me a necklace that said Mom on it and then a cute yellow shirt and a different necklace. I really miss all of the little cards and presents from church and school as now they are older but each one of my kids told me how much they loved me and appreciated me. I am so thankful to be a mom and of such GREAT kids.
Here is a picture of my cute kids at Cascade Falls.

I can't write about Mother's day without remembering my mom. I am so thankful for her and all she is. My mom is wonderful. She is who I pattern my life after. She is loving, kind, patient, humorous, talented and many many more. She has taught me so much as she lives her life as she has gone through many trials and continues to endure. She has taught me the love of work, love of music, gift of love, gift of patience, and many others.

Thanks mom. I love you always!!!

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Kristi said...

Wow how did it happen that we both got spoiled on the same day? Well I guess we both have some cute great kids. I hope your kids know how much I love them for taking care of you as good as they do. I am amazed at the mother you are to your children. You have set such a great example for me as a mother. Many times I ask myself "Now what would Kathy say to her kids in a moment like this?" Then I try to change my words to match yours. I love the woman you are and I truly believe we are sisters for a reason.