Friday, May 9, 2008

Through the Years I Have Learned

As Mother's day is approaching and also AJ's graduation from high school I have been doing a lot of thinking. As I look back through the years it is very hard to believe that AJ will be graduating and also turning 18. I can still remember very vividly the day he was born. What a beautiful red headed little baby. I didn't think that I could love another baby as much as I loved Karrilyn and then for him to be a baby boy too...
From the minute I held AJ(Andrew James) for the first time he has been very special to me as all of my children are and I was able to love him as much as Karrilyn.
I remember Mike coming into the hospital after working because I was still there because I had a C section so I was at the hospital longer than most women. Mike wanted to go and check on AJ in the nursery and so he did. He came back bringing AJ with him and told me that when he go to the nursery AJ was in a corner by himself and he was wondering what that baby was doing all by himself so he asked the nurse. She told Mike that that baby had been crying and keeping all of the other babies awake and causing them to fuss also. He went over to see what baby it was that was being put in time out (in a sense) and it was our little AJ.
We have always enjoyed having AJ in our family and when he was little and even know he is known as AJ bear because he is so loving and cuddly. I wish I had a scanner so I could post a picture of him when he was little, what a cutie!!!
One of the many lessons that I have learned through the years of being a mom, is to hold your little ones as much as you can and to love them to pieces because they will be all grown up when you take a minute to blink. Moms with little babies and children, are so often discouraged and frustrated with life of cleaning up messes, feading babies, and it seems that we will never have time in our life for us again, so we wish the time away while they are little and wish they were just a little bigger and before we know it they ARE and we wish they were little and that we could snuggle just once more with them.
I love my children as teenagers, but I would give anything to have them be little babies once again and be able to hold and snuggle with them.
To all you mothers with little ones, don't wish the time away, hold them tight and love every minute of it. They are only little once.

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Kristi said...

Thanks for the tear jerking experience of reality. Thank you Kathy that is just what I was needing to hear about now in my life. Love you sis and thanks for your inspiration.