Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Grades are In!!!!!

Well, the waiting is finally over. I did pass my College Algebra class. I am so glad to have it over. I didn't know if I would ever get through it. I did have my College Algebra professor call me "Good looking" though among some other things that I probably shouldn't publish. It always makes you feel good when you are my age and someone says those things. Don't worry he is a great guy, but if I was a teacher I don't think I would dare say some of those things that he said. He was an awesome teacher though. I also did well enough to keep my scholarship in my other classes, which is a good thing.
Karrilyn passed all of her classes with a C or better. You have NO idea how happy we are down here in Cedar City. My neighbors can probably still hear the screaming because we are STILL celebrating. Karrilyn has worked SO hard.


Andrea said...

Good job Kathy! Math wasn't ever a subject I excelled in. :)

Lara said...

Woohoo! I know how much of a stress that class was for you! At least you'll never have to do it again!

Thanks for sending that email...I appreciate it! I think it helped a lot!

Kristi said...

Is that the last math class you will have to take? I hated math as well Kami on the other hand did great and she really enjoyed it so I guess we have her for stealing our girl math power (if there is such a thing) Love you sis

Terry said...

Yo, Mike if you're reading this, that's not cool. Some math geek hitting on your wife... crazy. If it were me, I'd teach him a lesson or two in algebra. I would show him some exponential growth on his face when I got radical with him.