Thursday, September 25, 2008

Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz

You all know that I have been taking education classes like crazy, well with that comes classes on getting kids to read and how they learn best, etc..... It is really interesting. I was given a quiz the other day and I thought I would share. This quiz is supposed to show how well you much you were read to as a child. Good Luck! Try the quiz and then the answers are posted below so check how well you do before peeking at the answers.

What kind of animal is each character???
Freshman Level
1. Curious George
2. Winnie the Pooh
3. Bambi
4. Kermit
5. Garfield
Graduate Level
1. Snoopy
2. Babar
3. Barney
4. Franklin
5. Horton
Ph. D Level
1. Anansi
2. Arthur
3. Rikki Tikki Tavi
4. Babe
5. Charlotte

I thought this was a pretty easy quiz, especially if you have been read to or have children.
Let me know how you did...

Here are the answers to the quiz.
freshman level
1. monkey 2. bear 3. deer 4. frog 5. cat
graduate level
1. dog 2. elephant 3. dinosaur 4. turtle 5. elephant
ph. d level
1. spider 2. ardvark 3. mongoose 4. pig 5. spider


humming fun said...

phd I missed 2. 100 on the others.

Andrea said...

100% on Freshman Level

Missed THREE on graduate level

Missed TWO on PHD Level

Sheesh--I promise I read to my child. I missed Barbar, Franklin, Horton, Anansi and Rikki Tikki Tavi.

Though in my defense I have at least heard of most of these characters. Just couldn't remember what they were. And, let me just say I was grinning ear to ear when I saw that I was right on Arthur. An ardvark has got to be about as uncommon as a mongoose. :)