Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Parade

Monday morning, we woke up and headed over to Parowan to watch the Labor Day Parade because Angela was going to be marching in the band in it. Here are a few pictures of us watching the parade.

Todd looks a little tired, he had to wake up at 6 am to help put flags up for scouts.

It was hard to get a picture of Angela and actually see her in the band so I took a picture afterwards. She has been playing the flute for four years and loves it.

This is the closest picture of actually seeing Angela in the band. Oh well.

This shows the front of her band. It was a perfect day for a parade because it was nice and cool. Now that she is in the high school band I am sure she will have many more chances to perform. In March they are going to Disneyland so she is going to be working hard babysitting to help pay for the trip. I am glad that she has this opportunity to be in the high school band. I remember playing the clarinet in my high school band and loving all of the fun and especially the trips, but I have always wished that I could play the flute.
Angela is also very talented at the piano. She has been playing for years and years. She is now to where she can play many hymns. I hope she keeps it up, it is a great talent to be able to play the piano.


Lara said...

I love parades! I had no idea there was a Labor Day parade in Parowan.

Looks like Angela did a great job and had a lot of fun!

Andrea said...

I'll admit I'm not a parade lover. It's usually too hot for me to enjoy them.

Kristi T. said...

Wow I still can't get over the fact that our baby Angela is playing in the high school band. I know get with the times Aunt Kristi, but seems like just yesterday she was baptised. Love you Ang stick with it you will be happy you did. I didn't and I regret it. So stick with it so I can live through you. Love you guys