Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cedar Homecoming

Last week was Homecoming at Cedar and each day as many of you are aware the students have to dress up to show their spirit. I thought I would share one of the pictures of my kids and how they dressed up.
This particular day was " Blast from the Past". Angela is supposed to be a hippie and she is dressed in one of her tie dye shirts that reminds me of a hippie. She wanted to wear something from my past that would really show that it was from the past and I really didn't have anything. We tried to really frizz her hair out so it would really look like a hippie which is real easy to do with her hair.
Todd is dressed in some of the cool atire from the 80's. His pink jacket happens to be a sentimental jacket not only to my husband but to some of my brothers and sisters. My husband used to wear this spiffy jacket to dances and on special dates with me when we were dating. Todd is also wearing Mike's white 501's which were really cool back then. It is funny to look back and think about the past. I actually have brothers that have worn this jacket to go out on dates and woo the girls. AJ has also worn this same jacket at Homecoming a couple of years ago. They always get many comments. Angela and Todd both enjoyed dressing up all week. It was fun to see how creative they were.
I don't think that we will ever be able to throw this outfit out it just has too many memories for many of us. I hope you all think it is as groovy as I do.....


humming fun said...

oh my heck I can't belive that Mike still had that. I remember wanting to wear it when I was in high school. Mike was so cool or something like it.

Andrea said...

Wow--nothing like 80's attire.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. I, too, have lots of sentimental 80s items hanging in my closet that my daughter keeps eyeing! Her homecoming is this week, too.