Monday, January 5, 2009

Our life in 2008

Usually I send a synopsis of our events with our Christmas cards to family and friends to kind of update them on our exciting, difficult and interesting moments in the past year and this year I didn't, so I thought I would do it on my blog for anyone that might be interested in our life.

I would have to say that there were many highlights in our life and home this past year.(2008)

Here are a few:
1. I passed College Algebra and even received an A- in it.
2. Karrilyn also passed one of her hardest math classes.
3. I was released from my calling in our ward as Relief Society President in February. This was quite a hard thing for me.
4. I was called to be 2nd counselor in the Stake YW presidency and also called to work in the nursery in our ward.
5. We finished our family room in our basement. We have room for parties and just need to start having people over. Any takers???
6. AJ graduated from high school. I still can't believe it. My brother Colt and both of Mike and my parents made it down for the graduation. It meant a lot to all of us.
7. We flew to Florida for a vacation and stayed for a week. We were able to see great friends, the temple, the beach and Disney World. It was definitely worth IT.
8. Angela started high school. ( she is supposed to be my baby and she can't be growing up)
9. I survived summer semester of school, it was very hard to go to school every day with all of my kids home.
10. AJ started college at SUU.
11. I passed the Praxis Content test and also submitted my portfolio for my degree.
12. Todd excelled in Cross Country for the high school. He improved his time about 4 minutes faster from the beginning race to the last one.
13. We were spoiled and were able to go boating at Utah Lake with my sister Kristi and her family on their boat. Thanks again SIS. It was a highlight.
14. Todd passed his College Algebra class. He is amazing.
15. I started blogging in May.
16. Mike was made Elder's Quorum President in our ward. ( new challenges in store)
17. We spent a wonderful weekend in St. George as a family. We went shopping, went to the Forgotten Carols, the temple and out to eat.
18. Mike and I spent New Year's Eve at the Regional YW/YM stake dance. It has been many years since we have been to one of those.
19. One of our greatest highlights of the year was getting to go through the Draper Temple. I will have to write about it. There is nothing quite like having all of my children together in the celestial room with noone else there. It was awesome.

This year has definitely been great. We have had a lot of great times but also hard and trying times. We are so very thankful for our great family(parents, brothers, sisters etc) and our wonderful friends and the difference that they have made in our lives and who we are.
We hope you all have a great 2009!!!!


Lara said...

Seems like algebra was a theme for your 2008! Hopefully 2009 won't be like that. :)

What a wonderful year you had...when you write it all down like that it makes me realize how fast time flies.

susette said...

What a lot of great family memories and challenging things that have made you stronger and probably more bonded. Your family seems very close. I love it.♥

Sherrie said...

Seems like you had a pretty good 2008. A lot of family memories to enjoy for years to come. And also a lot of changes. I hope 2009 will be a great year for you and your family also.

Erin said...

It sounds like a good year! I am really impressed that you are going to school - especially the part about going to school when the rest of your kids are home. That is diligence!