Saturday, January 24, 2009

You better stay off of the sidewalks

Have you heard this saying before. I have, it is one that we continually tease our children with when they get their driver's license, and yep we have another child that just received his license. Todd is now a driver. WOW!!!! I know, for me it is just another stress but for him it is big time and he is excited and wants to drive everywhere by himself. Call me a paranoid mother or whatever but I have had children get in automobile accidents when letting them drive by themselves too soon.
Every day it is the same thing, " Mom can I drive?" I wish he would look back and realize that I am not picking on him but that his other siblings that drive weren't able to drive alone for quite a while. I don't even want to know how much more it is going to cost to put him on the insurance along with four other drivers.
There are days that I wish I had instructions on this mom thing, because I am not sure what I am doing or if I am doing it right. So if you see a car come up the sidewalk or off of the road a little run, it just might be Todd still getting the hang of this driving thing.


susette said...

oh i bet he'll be a great driver. the insurance thing is the killer for sure. it was very nice to take a missionary aged son off when he left in 07. and now another off when he left in december. i could think of so many more fun things to do with that money.

Lara said...

I'll be sure to put my guard up. :)

I can't believe he is already 16! And Angela going to be 15 here any second!

Carolyn said...

My dad made me drive 50 hours in the car with him before I went off on my own...and it still wasn't enough.

But I survived. I'm sure your son will too.

Kristi T. said...

Well I am here to tell you... You should be writing the mothers manual for your little sister because wow you kick butt at being a mom and you have great kids to prove how well you are doing. I am sure Todd will be a responsible driver after a little experience. Love you Todd and congrats on your license to freedom.