Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some of my favorites, just a little late

I know I am a little late but my life and my mind has been filled with much more than blogging lately. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Christmas. There were many many more pictures but these are just a few of the great ones.
Mike in his new Grinch pajamas being a rock star with all of the rest of us.
Picture of all of us on Christmas Eve with new pajamas.
This is a picture of my cute kids in their Christmas outfits. I think they are just the cutest.
If you are dying to see more of Christmas photos, I will bring out some more just let me know.


Erin said...

Love the pajamas!

Cute pics.

Rae said...

Cute photos! I think there's nothing wrong with posting Christmas pics late.

Lara said...

Love the pictures! I think I need some Grinch pjs too.

Andrea said...

Those are great--and they say so much!

Sherrie said...

Great pics! And the PJ's...well.. I love them... especially the GRINCH!