Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The sounds I hear

Today in our Language Arts we talked about listening and we wrote down the top ten of our favorite sounds. I thought it was very interesting.

Here are my TOP TEN SOUNDS

1. My children laughing.

2. The sound of the garage door opening and closing, because that means my hubby is home.

3. The chirping of birds in the early morning in the Spring.

4. The sound of my mother singing to me.

5. My children playing the piano.

6. The sound of waves rushing up on the beach.

7. The sound of a new mother talking to her brand new baby.

8. The sound of a new baby crying.

9. The sound of wood crackling in a fireplace.

10. The sound of my children saying " Mom I LOVE YOU!"

What are your favorite sounds in the world around you?


Michelle said...

got me thinking--I'll have to borrow your idea and post on my blog after I get back from Boise :)

I love hearing the birds in spring

Sherrie said...

I really liked this post. Do you mind if I use it on my blog? Thanks for sharing. I too love the birds in the spring and the ocean waves as they come up on the shoreline.

susette said...

I love the sound of the furnace coming on when it's snowing like crazy outside-like right now-Sheesh!

McEwens said...

Number 10 is the best!!!

How is the talk coming along?

Kristi T. said...

Check my blog to find out but you will see alot of them are the same so don't be suprised and just remember we are made of the same mold. Love ya sis

Carolyn said...

Great idea! Sounds, scents, could go on and on...

-Melissa- said...

I love to hear my kids cute little words like "tank you" for thank you. Before I know it those cute little words will gone.