Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We woke up to breakfast in bed for Mike this morning for Father's day. The kids bought him an apple fritter and brang him some milk. I guess you can give requests for breakfast in bed, something to remember for Mother's day next year. We had a special dinner tonight for Father's day. We had lasagna, breadsticks, salad and then pumpkin cobbler. It was great. The kids and I gave Mike a safe for Father's day.
As I think about Father's day, I am so thankful for the father of my children. They are who they are a large part because of who he is and the great attributes he has. Thanks Mike.
I can't think about Father's Day without thinking about my Dad. I am so thankful for him. He has taught me so many great things and ways to be in my life. I remember the year that I made a special valentine for him in primary and then he came to primary and I read it to him and gave it to him. It was a valentine that told of all of the things about my dad that I love. I have always known that my dad loves me and I think that is the thing that I cherish the very most in my life is that I am important to him. He is so giving, loving, kind, honest and he truly loves everyone and doesn't judge them. My dad taught me to love my Savior and my Heavenly Father and he taught me by his example to be a true disciple of Christ.
My dad has taught me how to work and I mean really work. I lived on a farm and I worked at one time or another with almost every kind of farm animal including when he decided to raise worms. I can never repay him for the love of work that he has given me. The experiences that I had as a child will be with me forever and I am so glad for his great example. My dad is a very hard worker and always has been. As a young child, my dad would put my hair in pony tails before I went to school next to the tub because my mom was in bed and not well enough. I cherish those memories. Or the memories of riding horses with my dad, just him and I. I also love to remember the many times we went to the mountains just for a picnic and if mom wasn't feeling well Dad could always make his famous "Spoonburgers." My dad also taught me how to enjoy life and to have fun. My mom and dad sacrificed so much for us as kids and I will always be so grateful for all the hard times they have gone through.
Dad, I just want you to know that I love you and you are always in my heart. Thanks for all of your love and for you living the way you do and loving others the way that you do with your whole heart. I love you DAD!


Colt said...

We do have a very remarkable father. Now that I am a father, I can more fully understand how challenging it is. I look back at my own father with a much greater appreciation. A truly great man.

Kristi said...

Wow much better said through you then myself. I do cherish everything our father has ever taught us. He teaches us still by his example everyday and he probably doesn't even know it. Truely and amazing person that is for sure.

Larry said...

You simply touch my heart. You and I go back to the very first feeling of father hood I ever felt...... It was just you and me none of the other kid can say that. They can only say I shared him. Thand you for being the example for tdhem to live by, you didn.t let m e down. LOVER DAD