Saturday, June 21, 2008

Water Fight!

Today we woke up and decided that we needed to wash the cars and also the porch and the garage out.
Perfect day for a water fight, Right. Yes I was feeling like being a little crazy so we all got our swimming suits on and yes that means me. We went outside and washed down the cars and the porch. The girls and I started to spray Mike with water and pretty soon he decided to go get his squirt gun and so did Todd. We were all wet pretty quick but it was fun. We finished cleaning out the garage and spraying it out along with getting everyone wet. After we finished the garage, I turned the sprinklers on in the back yard and we all ran through the sprinklers and jumped on the trampoline. It was COLD but it felt so good and we laughed and laughed.
It was so fun to be silly and enjoy getting wet like when I was a kid.
We all need to enjoy every minute of life and we all need to be a little crazy sometimes!


Larry said...

Remember when we were all a little crazy. The summer we took off to rock spring and ened up in yellowstone. eatting out of a boX of food we bought along the way. Cling the rock long the side of Tower falls to get a better look. People thought we were a little nuts. Then on the way home at Jackson lake we stop and I put my wallet under the seat and start to walk for the lake aqnd just keep walkinmg in the lake untill all af the rest of you did the same. Car stop all along the road to what these craze people were doing. We didn;t care. We knew we were going home to our farm this was the last chance for another year. Slept in the bus in cash valley. crazy, crazy,crazy Now tell me how much money did lose from all the milk fight you started, you can tell me it;s been 20 years statue of limitatiion. Love you for what you did for our family and the love you shared with us. O lets not for get about the brownies LOVE DAD

Anonymous said...
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Kristi said...

Tears fell from my eyes as I read about your family being so silly. I am so thrilled to hear you guys are just having fun and loving life. Yes life is to short to not be silly. Then Dads reply just keep a straight stream of tears down both my cheeks to remember how many times we have been silly as a family. I am loving it. I love our memories I love our life.