Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ideas for your Sweetheart for Valentine's day

If you are still trying to think of something to do for your sweetheart of valentine, here are a few ideas and I will be posting a list this week if you don't like any of these.

idea #1
Every hour on the hour( make sure to set a timer) Give your sweetheart a kiss or some token of love. You could give him different kinds of kisses, or a massage, or a hug, but every single hour on the hour. This works best when it is the weekend but will work in the evening if you only have an evening. I did this once for my sweetheart and HE loved it.

idea #2
Give him a heart attack. You could put hearts all over your bedroom, or decorate his work office with hearts, or a bathroom. Then write you have just been given a heart attack. When I did this I even put kisses all over our mirrors with lipstick and wrote something sweet or sexy on the mirror. You can also add some treats (candy kisses or something else too when decorating).

idea #3
Burn a cd or tape music on a tape with all of your love songs and songs that have meaning about something important in your lives. Then type up a list of the songs and write the importance that they play in your lives, such as your song, or a song about when you had your first child etc.
Mike did this one year for me and as I listened to the songs and read the list, it had me crying. I will always cherish that tape because it came from him and the songs that have meant a lot to US.

idea #4
It is kind of late for this idea but you could still do it but end it up after Valentine's day. Do the 14 Days of Valentine's, this is the same idea as the 12 days of Christmas but you do something special for your valentine or sweetheart for 14 days. It can be anything, a candy bar, a kiss, coupons, a sweet romantic email, etc.

In one of my wards, I gave a Enrichment Meeting on Romance and ideas, I was called the Romance Lady. If any of you are interesetd I will post a list with more ideas, just comment and let me know. There is so much you can do and so often we use the excuse that we don't have time but we can do these fun things if it is important to us. I know in my own marriage, these little things have MEANT ALOT.


Erin said...

What cute ideas! Little things that spice up our marriages are always worth it!

heather said...

You seriously are the Romance Lady. I'm pretty sure you married the Romance Man too. LUCKY DUCK.

pam said...

I love your ideas. Wow how creative are you!!

Shauna said...

L♥ve them! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This goes along so beautifully with one of my goals for the year: to better my marriage! Thanks so much and I love your blog! I'll be back!

McEwens said...

These are such great ideas!!!!!!

Kristi T. said...

Thanks I have been trying to think of something new I can do for Terry this year. So thanks.

Lorie said...

This actually reminded me that my hubby made me a playlist for my Ipod last year! I hope he does this year too!

-Melissa- said...

Those are some cute ideas! I like the idea of making a cd. I might just do that. :)