Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok, ok, ok. Yes I have been plagued with a thousand notes about 25 random things about ME. I figure I will answer these questions here on my blog even though some of them have been asked on facebook. I know you are all just dying to know more stupid stuff about me. NOT!!!
But here it goes, so hang on and smile or just leave and go take a nap, whatever suits you.

1. I love to run. I was running about nine miles a day last year until I hurt my back and now I am so busy I am trying to find time to walk.

2. When I grow up I want to be an Elementary school teacher.

3. I am not a great swimmer, but I am scuba certified. My husband was ecstatic when I became certified.

4. I have gone on three cruises with my husband and friends or family. We have gone to Hawaii, Caribbean, and Mexican Riviera. I love cruises, once you go you are hooked for life.

5. I live in a family of redheads, they are definitely the cutest redheads I know.

6. I grew up on a farm( you name it, goats, pigs, mink, almost everything). I wouldn't change it for anything.

7. I received a ticket once for reckless driving. Don't ask...

8. My husband and I are often mistaken as brother and sisters because we look a lot alike.

9. I am the romance lady, I know it is surprising.

10. I won a spelling bee at Region when I was in 6th grade. My husband kids that he married me because of that.

11. I have lived in Georgia. We really enjoyed the time we had living there when our kids were little.

12. I am always baby hungry, don't think I will ever grow out of it. I love to enjoy any of my friends babies.

13. I am a very fast typist. I did data entry for ten years at home on my computer.

14. I play the piano, but I am not too good at it. I would be better if I had more time to practice.

15. Many of my friends are 20 or so, because I have many friends in my classes at school, that I have made through school. They make me feel young.

16. I worked at KMart for five years at the service desk. That is where my husband saw me for the very first time before our date.

17. I met my husband on a blind date and I knocked him off of the front porch on our first date, at least that is his story.

18. I helped my husband build our dream house, but we had to move and leave it.

19. I love to bake, but I shouldn't.

20. I have been kidnapped before, Ok it was on my sixteenth birthday. My friends kidnapped me and took me to a surprise birthday party for me.

21. I had to give mouth to mouth to one of my children to get them to breathe. He was turning blue and not breathing. Yes, he lived, but I had nightmares for months.

22. I am a stress case. Yep, I get stressed out very easy, maybe not too easy but my life is very stressful most of the time and I probably make it worse because I want everything to be just right.

23. My husband has a lot to put up with.

24. I have the BEST children in the world, well I think so. Don't we all.

25. I love people. I enjoy talking to people and making their day.

Sorry it got a little crazy towards the end but I was running out of ideas.


Shauna said...

Great Post! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic list and several of those could be springboards to posts!

susette said...

Mouth to Mouth?? Wow, no mother should ever have to perform that on her own child. I'm sure glad you knew how. Fun stuff you shared here. That random 25 list is all over the place isn't it? I feel guilty myself for not doing it. I just did the 100 things not too long ago so I think I should be able to opt out, don't you?

Kaylynn said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! If I had to do mouth to mouth on one of my kids, I would have nightmares for years. You are a strong woman!

Erin said...

Mouth to mouth...so scary!

And I'm impressed with the scuba certification. I'm too scared to do it!

Carolyn said...

A goat-loving redhead. That's my kind of girl!

pam said...

How scary about one of your kids! Working at KMart, I am sure you can say that you have seen it all.(and been called many a name as well)

I loved your list.

Michelle said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your list of 25 things. 21 would be SO scary, I can't even imagine. And I can especially relate to 22 - I am totally the same way!

Lara said...

Very fun list, Kathy! You make me wnat to know more details about a lot of these things!

I think you and Mike look a lot alike, too. :)

S and L said...

I stumbled upon your blog thru other blogs and just read your Randomness! I hate to do these "tags" too, but, they are a lot of fun to read and you can learn more about the person. Cute blog you have going here! I'll be back. :)

Kristi T. said...

Love it and I must say I knew all those things about you. That makes me feel like a pretty good sister. Love you babe

Anna said...

Well I'm glad you did it! I really have enjoyed reading everyone's randomness. Question?? How has being in NURSERY affected your baby hungriness? I'm so glad that we have such wonderful sisters in ther.

Kate said...
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-Melissa- said...

It was fun reading your list and getting to know you better.

Cascia said...

Cute meme! Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Wonderful list!

Kathy said...

Why is it that no matter what you say, as soon as you DON'T say something, that's what I want to know! About that reckless driving...lol

Terry Townsend said...

You're a cutie. That turning blue stuff didn't sound fun.

Kristy said...

Fun post. I loved hearing more about you. You learn a lot of "random" stuff about people that you might never know otherwise...I guess that's the point. One of these minutes I'll get to doing this too....