Saturday, October 4, 2008

General Conference

Conference was so great. It was so exciting to hear about the new temples, especially in Rome. I felt like all of the talks were so great and very important for me to hear right now.

I must say that one of my favorite talks was the talk about angels that come from the other side to help comfort us and angels in our own every day life that are there to help us make it through the hard times and also the great times.

This talk reminded me of a very special memory to me of my childhood and one of the angels in my life when I was all alone and scared. I remember when I was a little girl, my parents owned a farm and they would travel across the point of the mountain which is close to Salt Lake if you aren't familiar with it. They would travel to deliver and do errands that they needed to in Salt Lake because I grew up in Lehi.

There was one day when they were on one of their errands or deliveries and a blizzard snow storm came in, one like we don't have any more. I was the only child in our family old enough for school and was probably only 6 at the time. The schools shut down and sent all of the bus students home on busses because the storm was so bad. We lived down a very long dirt driveway and I had to walk down it to get to my house. That particular day it was very hard to walk down it with wind blowing snow and drifts everywhere. I was SCARED to death. I didn't know if I was going to make it. I finally made it. It was a very hard walk and then when I made it down the driveway I went to go into my house and there was no one home and the doors were all locked. I was scared to death and I was cold and freezing. I started to cry.

Only a few minutes later, our bishop came down the driveway with his horse because it was now too hard to drive down and he had just had a feeling to come and check on us at our house. To me at that time and still to this day, he was an angel sent to help me. I will always be thankful that he cared enough and listened to the promptings to come and check on me. At an early age this showed me that I was important and that my Heavenly Father cared about me.(the reason my parents weren't there for me is because they got stuck around the point of the mountain and it was closed and there was no way for them to get to me)

I do believe in angels. There are and have been many angels in my life. I don't know what I would do without those special people that have been there to help and comfort me in many ways.

It is so nice to be uplifted as I sit and listen. I can't wait until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I cannot believe that at 6 years old you were dropped off in a blizzard and the bus driver just assumed you'd make it home safely. That is just wrong. I am amazed and angered by that. I am so glad you made it through that. You truly did have your angels watching over you.

Rae said...

What a sweet story!!!

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing--what a great memory.

Lara said...

That is a wonderful story. We are always being watched over.

susette said...

I believe in angels although I haven't seen one per say but a friend and I were having a discussion recently about spirits being here. I told her there are spirits dwelling here and she felt like there weren't. I like to think that there are angels all around us every day, guiding, guarding, and giving us comfort. I think your story is a perfect example. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Todd said...

hey great story mom thanks for sharing that with us