Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pay Day

My full time job is and has been so hard at times through the years but I would never trade it for anything. I often wonder if I should have finished school before I had my family, how much easier it would have been when I was younger. I feel so lucky to have stayed home with my kids while they were growing up and as they continue to do so. I would never give it up for anything. Some days, as most moms do, I wonder did it really make a difference????

It seems like there are very few days that I feel like I just had a "Pay Day". Well today was one of those. I was having a kind of bad day anyway and as I opened my mail there was a nice letter from Todd and Angela's seminary teacher. The letter just thanked me for raising such great children and how great their insights and testimonies add to her class. I am so thankful for those people that take the time to let others know how much what they do or what they do every day makes a difference. She just made my DAY.

I also want to Thank all of you that read and comment on my blog. It truly makes a difference in my day and I look forward to hearing your comments.


Lara said...

That is very kind of the teacher to write that letter! I am always impressed by Angela, and Todd's talk in Sacrament last month (or whenever) was one of the best youth talks I've ever seen.

susette said...

That is a great feeling to be on the receiving side of those great notes and comments. It causes me to stop a moment and think about what can I do to help brighten someone's day. I know someone who is having struggles right now with sadness, depression and frustrations and I think the best way out of all those feelings are to forget about yourself, step out of your comfort zone and reach out to help someone else. Thanks for the reminder for me personally Kate.

Andrea said...

That's great the teacher wrote. I always like hearing good things about Zoie, and hope that people will still say good things as she gets older.

mandy said...

I think that you are a great mom and a great example of how being a great mom creates great children.

It has been fun to see Todd the last couple times at track meets, and his fun personality.