Thursday, October 30, 2008

Look Who's Growing Up!!!

Last night I took AJ, Todd and Angela to the doctor's office to get flu shots and they don't let you get them unless they have had a visit lately, so we had to have their well checks to get a flu shot.

I don't usually do well visits for them now that they are older, but just one of those things we had to do to get their shots.

I read so many blogs of family and friends with the statistics of their children because they are little and grow so much all the time and it is exciting. I thought it was interesting that the nurse gave me "Look Who's Growing Up" information sheets for each one of them. I was thinking about it and thought that I would update all of you on their height, not their weight because I don't think they would appreciate it. I guess you get to a certain age and that is something we don't like to share.

AJ is growing and growing still. They looked at him as he came in wondering if he was the dad or something because he looks older than he is. AJ is 69 1/2 inches which is 55% for his height. Todd is doing great and growing too. Both Todd and AJ are taller than me. Todd is 68 3/4 inches and that is 50% for his height and Angela is 63 inches and she is 40% for her height.

AJ got two shots and the flu mist. I can't believe that their is a mist. I got a shot last week and it wasn't even offered to me. Todd also received two shots and the mist and Angela received the menangitis shots and the flu mist. My kids hate shots but it is alot easier than when they were little, now I just have to drag them in or bribe them with something.

Anyway they are all doing great...


Lara said...

I was so thankful that they only have the mist over at Premier Pediatrics this year. Bria has enormous issues with shots!

susette said...

Is Angela going into college? The menangitis is usually for that I thought. These little doses of shots hopefully prepares them for mission field shots. :) Happy Halloween!

Andrea said...

I've never heard of the mist. Is that a new thing this year?