Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ok, Here it Goes!!!

I was just tagged by my friend Susette and this one has taken quite sometime to think on.

I am supposed to put 6 of my quirks. Humm. Do I really want all of you to know the awful things about me? I guess I will give it a go and if you think that you don't want anything to do with me after this I guess that is how it goes.

6 Quirks about me

1. I am a shy person for the most part. When I tell people this they don't believe me, but it takes me alot of work to be friendly to everyone. I must say some of my callings in my ward has helped this immensely. I do love people even though it is hard to know exactly what to say, I love to visit with people that I know.

2. I have a really hard time spending money. It is alot easier than it used to be but I'm pretty frugal. I guess that can be good but when it is extreme it isn't always good.

3. I am not a good swimmer. I have also worked real hard on this one and have overcome some problems with this. I can say I love to swim but I am not real confident on it and not real good at it.
4. I am not as organized as I should be. It seems that I somehow remember all of my assignments and where my kids need to be and where but I am definitely not an organized person. Most people don't know it because I always seem to bluff everyone on this.

5. I am an overobsessed exerciser. There are very few days that I miss my exercise. I remember when I used to work out 3 times a day. This has been a hard one lately because a month ago I wasn't able to work out at all and that was a hard thing for me.

6. I worry too much what people think. My husband always tells me not to worry about what people think but it is easy for him to say. I like everyone to be my friend and try to make everyone happy. I have realized that this is a non practical expectation. I also worry too much about my kids. Yes, they are bigger and I shouldn't but I am a paranoid mother. My kids are my life and they cause me to worry. I guess I am a worrier!!

There you have it, some of the quirks about me. I am sure many of you know more than that, let's just keep that quiet.
So now it is time for some of my friends to get in on the fun.

I Tag Kristi , Rae, DD, Kristy, Kiesha, and Sherrie. Good Luck and Thanks for participating.

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susette said...

Oh my my my, #1,#2,#5, and #6 I can relate to. Thanks for playing and I don't think any different of you my friend. Only better now for not being afraid to share. Have a great Saturday!