Saturday, November 15, 2008

Through the years

Many of you didn't know me when my kids were little, so I thought I would post a couple of my kids years ago. These pictures are from one of our first vacations to Disneyland. My kids love Disneyland and they still do. Through the years, there have been many times that I have thought, wow, I have great kids.

This is a picture after we went on one of the water rides at Seaworld. They love the water rides, especially they love seeing me get wet. Aren't they cute!!!! These pictures were taken in 2000. Things have changed a lot but they are still the same great kids.
One of my most favorite stories is about when Mike and I were taking the kids to see Stuart Little when it came out. We thought for Family Home Evening we would go to the movies. We were excited. When we pulled into the theater and told them what we were going to see, Todd proceeded to say he wasn't going. He didn't care there was no way he was going. He had been told at school that the white cat in Stuart Little swears and he wasn't going to go to a show that the cat swears in. Well, what were we going to do now. We hadn't heard anything bad about the show and really knew that they would enjoy it, so we picked him up with him yelling at us and made him go to the movie. ( WOW, making a kid go to the movie, what awful parents)
After the movie, my kids said that they loved it and wanted to buy the movie and Todd loved it too. They said "mom, the cat didn't even swear". The truth is that the cat did swear but my kids enjoyed the movie so much that they didn't notice it at all but Mike and I were watching to find out if it did or not.
I am GLAD that I have such great kids, that teach me so much each day.


susette said...

Oh that picture is so cute of your kids, and WOW look at you! You look so young, just like one of the kids yourself :)

Lara said...

How fun to see the kids so little! :) They are great kids, I can definitely attest to that! :)

Sherrie said...

It's fun to look back on old photos and see how much you and your family has grown and changed. Thanks for sharing those moments with us. You looked great then and still do now. And yes... you do have great kids! :)

Kristi T. said...

Oh how the time does fly. Your kids are the best I do have to say. You and Mike did a whole lot right when you raised them.

Jenny said...

It was always so much fun to go on family vacations then and now we go everywhere and it's fun to say that my family travels alot it's true we do but hey we don't care we have fun in the car whether we're watching a movie or listening to a book on tape... and it's all thanks to you mom.