Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time Flies

I was just thinking about the changing of the seasons with Halloween over with and Thanksgiving right around the corner and realizing how fast time seems to go and it seems to fly faster and faster.

It was four years ago at the end of September that we moved here from Herriman. I truly can't believe that we are here let alone that we have been here for four years. I remember when we moved here it was very hard for the whole family. We had left our dream house that we had built with a big wrap around porch and trees around the property. We were living on an acre and a half. We had so many Great and close friends. It seemed like a bit of heaven on earth. We felt like family in our ward and lived around people that we truly loved. We had lived there for five years but we had thought that we would have lived there forever.

Mike ended up getting a promotion offer for his job to come and work down here. We knew that the alternative wasn't good and that it was better to be together as a family than to be in our dream home around friends that we just loved. This made our decision up and we were off. It took us a long time to sell our house with Mike commuting to work and coming home for the weekend. It was hard on all of us.
We moved into an apartment and had our house built while we were living in our apartment. I must say that this move was not only hard for the kids but it was very hard for me. It has taken me a long time to make any friends and I have truly missed my friends from Herriman. I have found some great friends and I can say that I do enjoy it here. As I look back during the last four years alot has changed in my kids. It is amazing to me to remember what they were like before we moved here. Four years can make a difference when they are growing up.

I must say now looking back that the move was the right thing and that we were to be here for a reason or many reasons.
1. The kids love school here and have made great friends.
2. I am going to school and it is paid for.
3. Our debt has decreased immensely.
4. We have been challenged and grown greatly through some of our trials and blessings being down here that we wouldn't have had the opportunity anywhere else.
5. We have made a few GREAT friends that we just love.
6. We love the small town and no traffic.
7. It is great to see the mountains and not to have any smog.
8. Mike has been able to be home with us.
9. Mike loves his job.
10. AJ and Karrilyn have had great benefits for college tuition.
11. The list goes on.
I am so glad that we are where we are now and not just getting here. I am glad that my kids have had all of the opportunities that they have had. I can't believe how fast the time has flown.


susette said...

Life definitely moves us into areas completely out of our comfort zone and when we look back and evaluate later it seems to make sense. But at the time its happening it completely can throw us for a loop for sure. The wrap around porch would have thrown my husband into complete jealousy. He wants one soooo bad!!

Lara said...

Hindsight is 20/20, isn't it? It's wonderful to see what the Lord's plan is for us, and it's something I need to be reminded of, often!

Sherrie said...

I'm glad you moved to Cedar and I'm also glad I did. For the little time I was there I made some GREAT friends that I LOVE. Had none of this happened I would not have met you.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that every thing is falling into place for you. A life change is always hard, but you are right, you just need to be open to the good changes it can be.