Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How early??

I can't believe how each year the day after Thanksgiving shopping gets earlier and earlier. The stores are opening earlier and earlier and some all night long. There are even some stores that have sales on Thanksgiving day.

This is a tradition that Mike and I have had since we were first married. We go shopping real early on Black Friday also known as the day after Thanksgiving. Some years we really find a lot of great deals and it is real worth it.

I remember one year I was so pregnant and I thought I was doing fine. I was standing in a very long line and I almost passed out. Everyone around me was worried, but all I needed was a little food and to move around a little. There have been a couple of years that we have gone with my sister Kristi or her and her husband. That is always fun.

This tradition has become harder as we have moved down here for the last four years. We have to be sneaky and pack what we purchase carefully into our Expedition. Many people say that we are crazy and that they can't believe that Mike will go with me, but he always does and doesn't even complain. We go to breakfast and shop and just enjoy being together. This always gets us a very good start on what we need to get for Christmas. The older that I get I wonder if it is worth it, because it is so hard to get up early on a long weekend, but it always ends up being worth the few extra hours.

I must say that I really don't enjoy standing in long lines and that is probably one of the things that I hate most about the shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

If you go shopping how early do you go??? I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for all your comments.


Lara said...

I love that Mike goes with you! I wish Joel would, but then we would have to get a babysitter at 4 in the morning, hee hee! Maybe he will when Bria is a little older.

I usually go with my mom, if she's around, or if I'm up there, so I hear you on sneaking the purchases back home!

Kristi T. said...

Well I go pretty early I have this sleeping problem that if I have something on my mind I just don't sleep well at all. So I just lay there and think I should just be out standing in a line or something. Well its different every year depending on what they have on sale. Love the Mikes dedication he is the man. It takes a real man to stand by you in times like this.

susette said...

I just saw a commercial on tv tonight. Kohl's is opening at 4:00 AM. Can you believe that? You would probably have to start lining up outside at 3:00 or earlier. So nuts!!

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

Yup sneakin is not fun! HAHA Jake used to go until kids came along cuz you cant get a babysitter. I got to walmart at 4am.. take care

Anonymous said...

Hope you found some great deals this year! I am just not a morning person enough to do it. LOL