Sunday, July 6, 2008

Christmas in July

About three years ago Mike and I bought a Christmas cactus at Christmas time and thought it would be nice to have and that every year it would blossom because his mom has one and every year it blossoms for her. Well, it hasn't blossomed at all. I told Mike that we just needed to get rid of it because it isn't that pretty if it won't blossom. I never knew how hard it would be to get it to blossom.
About four weeks ago we moved it downstairs to our new family room and put it in the window and I am so excited to say that it started blossoming this last week. I don't know why it started after all of this time but I just have to say it is about time.
It is beautiful, even though I think it has the holidays mixed up.


Lori said...

My mom had one of those plants too and it would bloom in the summer also. I always thought it was funny that it was called a Christmas Cactus if it bloomed in the summer....go figure!

Rae said...

It IS gorgeous!

Andrea said...

Very nice. I was given one when Zoie was born (or sometime around then) and I actually just wanted it to die. Isn't that horrible. I'm bad at remembering to take care of plants, and it was quite hearty being a cactus. They are very pretty though.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! Does it only bloom once a year, or will it bloom again in winter?

Love your new blog look BTW! Very festive. :-)