Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The green show at the Shakespearean Festival

On Monday night, we took the kids to the Green Show at the Shakespearean Festival here in Cedar City.
It is a small mini show that plays in the midst of the trees outside of the indoor theater. It
plays every night at 7 pm and is awesome because it is also free.

The dancers are dancing around the May pole in this picture.

This is a picture of us watching the green show. There was a lot more people than I have seen in any other year.
This is just a different picture of the dancers at the green show.

We all really enjoy the green show every year. It is such a beautiful setting and really fun and quite humorous to watch. We always have to splurge and get a lollie, a chocolate or a tart to top the evening off just right. Every year we also go the the Shakespeare plays. They are each so different and enjoying.


Andrea said...

We went last year with the YW. I'm glad that I saw it before we moved.

Lara said...

I love the greenshow! Can't wait to take my kiddos several times this next few months.

Anonymous said...

That looks so cool!!! :-) I would love to go to that, too! What a great experience for your kids.

And yes, I have lots of tricks as to how to keep those kindergarteners attentive, which is always a challenge at that age! But it also depends on what the activity is. Is it during storytime, free play, teaching, or table activities? The trick is to always keep things moving and not have any "down" time so to speak. I use LOTS of singing and make up little tunes all the time like to the tune of Are You Sleeping. So for example if we are getting ready to read a story I might break out into a song that goes like this to the Are You Sleeping song:

I see Johnny,
And I see Julie,
Ready to read,
Ready to read,
Show me you are ready,
Show me you are ready,
Just like them,
Just like them!

Then I might make a big deal out of how I loved that their eyes were on me, and thay their bodies were in a listening "kind of way" and give them a smiley face stamp of sticker. Then tell the group that the next kid I catch doing such a good job is just going to have to get a sticker (or stamp) too. I do this a lot at the beginning of the year to get them "trained" and it works well. Anytime where you can keep it positive and use motivators to point out wanted behavior tends to work on most kids as they want the praise, too. Let me know any more specifics of what she needs and I'll be more than happy to give you some more tricks. :-) Of course, some groups can be more challenging than others! LOL