Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Day of Boating with the Townsends

We have been planning a boating trip with my sister and her family and finally the day arrived. On Saturday we headed up to see my dad at the hospital and then met Kristi and her family at Utah Lake to start a day of fun. (I definitely think that Kristi and Terry are a lot more tan than I am)
This is my niece Matia and nephew Treg. They pretty much eat, drink and sleep in the water. They are big fish and love every minute of it. They are so much fun and we just don't get to see much of them so we enjoyed being with them.
AJ and Todd decided to start the day out by going with Bowdee on the tube. They had a great time.
After the boys went Kristi and my girls, Karrilyn and Angela decided that they were going to check this out. They had a great time. They just adore their aunt and love to be with her even though they were dumped in the water a couple of times.
Yes, I actually went tubing in the water too. Mike and I both went tubing together. It was fun but we got dumped a few times too.
Mike and Terry( my sister's husband), went tubing together. They weren't too smart because they told Kristi to "Bring it on" as she was driving the boat and she did. They did pretty good to hold on but she dumped them in good. They have way too much fun together, just a couple of boys out playing.
Of course Todd and AJ wanted to go too so they decided to go with Mike. I think he was able to go with almost everyone. They had a great time and were all a little water logged by the time they finished.
The boys all had to try the wakeboard especially after Bowdee made it look so easy with his talent. My boys tried and tried but didn't quite make it but of course Mike was able to make it up and do a little boarding. After he was finished and trying to get in Kristi threw the rope at him and banged him in the head and he bled and bled. Ok, it wasn't that bad but we like to give Kristi a hard time. She truly just adores Mike and would never hurt him on purpose.
After we had played and played we all just wanted to relax and swim in the water. Kristi and I just wanted to relax and talk. I don't get much time to just be with my sister so I enjoyed EVERY minute of it. She is awesome.
After a long fun day of playing in the water we were all hot, sun burned and tired but what a great day of FUN!! Maybe we can do it again next year. Thanks for spoiling us.
Thanks Kristi and Terry you rock!


Kristi said...

Anytime it was great to have you all aboard our little home away from home. Heck this summer it actually feels like it is our home. Love you guys thanks again for making such a great day out of it.

Shelia said...

Wow! I loved coming along with you on your fun water day! Eveyone is smiling and having so much fun. You got some great shots, too! I hope your dad continues to do well from his surgery.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! I never have gone tubing but would totally love to give it a try! Looks like a beautiful lake to enjoy family fun times in. :-)