Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This Friday is my last day for this semester of school. I can't believe it. I have actually made it through the summer and had a math class to boot. I just can't tell you how hard it is to continue to be motivated during the summer when your entire family is home and you want to be doing activities with them.

It has also been hard because of my dad and the troubles that he has had while I have been in school. With school every day I can't just pack up and go see my dad and that has been very hard. In case any of you are wondering, my dad is doing a little better. He was put back into the hospital with a couple of blood clots in his lungs and his legs but they gave him shots that he has to give himself and sent him home the next day. I was able to go up and visit him last weekend.

This week he has been in a lot of pain with the blood clot that is close to his knee, but if he keeps his feet elevated and wears socks(hose) from the hospital it seems to help his pain. This whole recovery is going to take a while.
Back to school, I am so glad that I am going to have a break. I just can't stand it. If anyone wants to have a party and help me celebrate just let me know. I am up to lunch, a party, shopping or anything......

Thanks to all of you who really care and have given me support and encouragement during this summer and always!!!!

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susette said...

I think it's pretty impressive to be in school at your age. (not that you are old by any means) My older sister wants to be a kindergarten teacher so very bad and has been working at it for years. Eventually she will accomplish her goal. What a challenge to raise a family and go to school at the same time right?