Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweet 16

It is Todd's sixteenth birthday. I can't believe it. Todd is such a great kid. Everyone that knows him just loves him. He is so good with kids, he actually still loves to play with them because he knows how great it makes them feel. Todd is real smart and fun to be around. It is real boring at our house when Todd is not around because he is always making a humorous joke or making us smile. One thing that Todd really likes is his hair. He loves to grow it as long as he can and still get away with it.
Todd is always busy with mowing lawns, running cross country, doing homework, taking care of his church responsibilities. It is so hard to believe that my cute little red head boy is now a 16 year old. I miss him being little but he is a great teenager and one of my best friends.
Happy birthday Todd. Thanks for being you. Just remember that your mom will always be your girlfriend and you don't need to go find a girl now that you are 16.
Just remember Todd, " I know I made a good choice.... my best friend".


Andrea said...

Phew--glad it's Todd. When I first saw your title I thought, can Angela really be 16?

That reminds me of turning 16--I remember being so excited to date. Then I realized that just being able to date doesn't mean you will. :) Of course, since he's a boy that might be different since they do the asking (they still do, right?).

Lara said...

Happy birthday Todd! I know Angela was pretty excited about it in YW yesterday.

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

Happy Birthday Todd!!

susette said...

Hey don't worry about the hair. I like to think that if they are doing so many great things with their life and the hair is something they are enjoying (yet it drives us mother's crazy) just go with it. He sounds like a great kid and if long hair is the worst trouble he gets into then be grateful huh? He seems like a fun person to have around. Happy birthday Todd!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Todd! He sounds like a great kid!