Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Memory Lane

Here is a fun little game that my sister started, This is how it works:

Leave a comment on my blog of a memory that you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you've known me for a very short time, a long time, or just your first impression of me, any memory that you can think of. I have many of my friends that read my blog but don't comment, I would love to hear from you. Even if you don't have a blog you can comment, all you have to have is an email address.

Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses.

I will try to jog my memory and come up with a memory for you too.


Andrea said...

Thanks for doing this on mine Kathy.

I didn't get to spend many Sunday's with you in RS, but I really enjoyed the time together at the book group meetings. It was great seeing how passionate you were about The Peacegiver.

It was also fun seeing you running, everywhere. You are an inspiration!

Saranny said...

My favorite memories with you are going to the military balls. New dresses, lots of really good food, and dancing with our soldiers in their uniforms - fun times!

Sherrie said...

Kathy, there are many good memories of you even though I've only known you a short time. The best memories are of working with you in RS, the meetings, the lunches. And as Andrea mentioned... seeing you running everywhere..:) You have been a wonderful friend to me. I appreciate so much your friendship and your guidance while I was going through great hardships. THanks Again!

Kristi T. said...

So like you there are just so many memories that it will be hard to fit within the max word limit. But I just have to say I remember sleeping down in your bedroom with you. When you would let me and Kami do that I felt so special. I would always sleep on the floor next to your bed and you would hold my hand until I feel asleep. Then I also remember sneeking into your room when you were at work and stealing some of your gum. I know you knew I was doing it, I am sure it was obvious. But you never once yelled at me or even said a word about it. Georgia was great!!! And I loved coming over to your house and babysitting for you and Mike when you went out. I love it when we get together just the girls in the family. Because you always let your hair down and get a little crazy. I don't know why but it is just adorable. I love you Kat you are amazing.

mandy said...

Mt first memory of you is how warm and friendly and welcoming you were tome when we moved here. It is always hard to move, and yet you made me feel right at home from the very beginning!!!
I appreciate what a great friend you have been since we moved here!!!

Colt said...

I have very much enjoyed my trips to visit you and your family over the past few years. Especially, playing rock band with you guys. What a good time!

susette said...

My first memory, and it was only just recently was you commenting on my blog. I thought it was so cool that a stranger (friend) would do that. It is fun to look into other people's lives through blogging and I have enjoyed getting to know you and appreciate your kind comments and advice.

Fred_E_Meyer said...


do you rmember our first date? Boy was that a memory ;-) For those who are reading this and were not there, this is it.
We went to Temple Squair and saw the lights as well as Mr. Krugers Christmas. After that we went down stairs in the visators center and there used to be a room there that had photos of the rooms in the temple. As we were looking we looked at the photo of a sealing room and I saw our reflection in the photo. I did not tell anyone about this for about 18 months when we went back there and I asked you to marry me. Well that is just one of many memories I have with you all of them good. Thanks for putting up with me for sooooo long I am sure it has been longer for you then it has for me.

Love you tons and tons


Anonymous said...

Mom some of my greatist memories with you would have to be joking with you all of the time. as well as your ability to help me out when I need it. Also some of my favorite memories are going to the amusement parks with you. I also enjoyed comming home every day from school and you being home to help me with homework or to help brigten my day thanks so much.I love you mom