Friday, August 29, 2008

Running Flats for Todd

I was so excited for Todd this week that I have to share. On Monday night it was his birthday and we ended up going to St George to the running store and bought him some new running shoes and we also bought him some running flats. I guess they are supposed to make you run faster in races. I thought well if that is what he wants for his birthday that is what he wants for his birthday but don't plan on any changes in your time.
Well, me of little faith... Mike and I went to his cross country meet on Wednesday night and he ran a 5 K race. We were all excited as he came in because his time was 21 minutes. To some people that is slow but when you consider his last race a week ago he ran it in 22:50 minutes that is GREAT. He was so excited he could hardly stand it. So I guess the running flats will now be called his MAGIC.
Great Job Todd. That is a 7 minute mile all around.


Andrea said...

What are running flats?

Kate said...

Racing flats are just light weight running shoes with no cushion. They are just light weight and flat.