Saturday, August 16, 2008

Go Redmen

Starting the first of the Summer, Todd has been waking up every morning and going to Cross Country at 6 am. It has been very hard for him to want to get up every morning when it was Summer but he has been doing it.

This morning in Hurricane his Cross Country team had their first meet. They ran a 5 K for competition.
His time wasn't as good as he would have liked it to be but it was much faster than I can run
a 5K run.
It takes a lot of dedication to continue in a sport like this. Even if he never wins a race I think he will be glad that he ran Cross Country because of the other kids that he gets to associate with. He says he has lost 10 lbs since he has started and I believe it. They work hard. Great Job Todd, Keep it up.


Andrea said...

I ran XC my freshman year of HS and I was a big fan of it for the people I met. That was the only year I did it, and that was ok with me. Made lots of friends and had lots of fun (well, the bus trips and stuff were fun).

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Todd! I really admire his dedication. Good for him. :-)

susette said...

very impressive. How does a person get to the point of even wanting to run? Everytime I try it just causes pain. I prefer to walk but have the desire and ache to run. My body just doesn't wanna cooperate.