Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This weekend I was able to go up north and see some family and friends. We did a little shopping(very little), went out for ice cream, got a hair cut and were able to stop and see my dad.
I thought I should update those of you that are interested. My dad is looking a lot better. He is finally eating, and talking. Even last weekend he was not very coherent with our conversations but this weekend he was back to chatting and chatting. His face finally had some color back and wasn't green like it has been. I am so glad that he is doing better. YEAH.


Rae said...

I'm happy to hear your Dad's doing better!

susette said...

Isn't it hard to watch your parents getting older and having health challenges? It's good he is on the mend. I am so happy though that the issues my dad has been having has actually brought him back into being active in the church. I have waited my entire life for this and it is finally happening.

Andrea said...

I'm glad he's improving!