Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas stories

As a family we read a Christmas book every year together. My kids love it when we read Christmas stories but the last few years we have read bigger Christmas books as a family. It is something that I feel brings our family closer together and helps to bring the Christmas spirit into our home. Some of our favorite small stories are "the Gift of the Magi", " The Fourth Wiseman" and there are many others. This is also a tradition that my family had when I was a child. My mom would read special Christmas stories to us. She had such a special way of telling stories to us and they seemed so real.
We have read three Christmas books together that I would like to suggest to any of you that would like to know what to buy to read for next year or for a late Christmas story for this year.
The first one is "Christmas Jars". We just totally loved this book.
The one we read last year was " Return to Christmas" and it was great too.
Tonight I read " Winter Star". I would recommend each of these books. There is something special about Christmas stories at this time of year. I am sure that this will be a tradition that Mike and I even carry on after our kids have moved away.

Our most favorite Christmas story of them all is definitely the story of the very first Christmas that is found in Luke. We enjoy this story each year on Christmas Eve as we remember the real meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it.


Lara said...

I love Christmas Jars, but haven't read some of these others you mentioned. I'll have to find them.


Sherrie said...

I love reading Christmas Stories, but haven't done so as a family. What a wonderful tradition that I will have to start. I used to read the Polar Express and The Night Before Christmas to the kids when they were younger. But havent' ead anything the past few years. What a slacker I have become! :) I agree...Those books are all wonderful reads.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Great post! I just signed up to follow your blog :) Come see the pictures I just posted on my blog :) Happy New Year 2009! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna